Daisy Mae Crim

03/12/11 – 03/29/22

Daisy came into our lives as a gift from my sister, Tammy.  She stole my heart right away!  Daisy loved to lie in the sun and play with her stuffed pink bunny.  She liked to talk to us in her own special way.  When Daisy was four, my husband gave her French fries; she was so spoiled.

She is survived by me, her mom; dad, Scott; and siblings, Della Mae and Grizzy.  Daisy, we will miss you.  The Grandkids, Cameron, Easton and Addi, will miss you like crazy.  Fly high baby Girl!!

Emma Dawson

10/15/2005 – 3/24/2022

Emma was adopted as a puppy from Lost Dog and Cat Rescue.  She enjoyed eating, playing and sleeping.  Emma could speak and would say “I love you”. 

When she was young she loved the water.  We lived by a creek and Emma would zoom as fast as she could, running and then jumping into the creek.  She loved it and we would just laugh so hard.

Grandpa Max Maloney


Date of Birth:  14 May 2006

Date of Death:  25 March 2022

Place of Birth:  Unknown

Place of Death:  Winchester, VA

Dixie “Dixie Cup” Thomas

   Born on September 14,2013 crossed over the rainbow bridge March 23,2022. Dixie was adopted by our loving family, and passed with us by her side. We all fell in love with her instantly. She loved playing with kids, and her best friend Skye. Her favorite thing to do was eat, but most importantly was getting her belly rubbed.

Nyla Mae Cooper

10/30/2009 – 3/14/2022

Nyla at 4 – 6 weeks old was a gift to us from my sister; and what a treasured gift she was!!  She loved to take walks and get treats.  Nyla enjoyed playing with her pink unicorn and her squeaky balls.  She was a pro-napper and a great listener.  Nyla enjoyed going to the beach with her family.  And her morning visits to get breakfast at McDonalds; her favorite things to eat were sausage biscuits and plain McChickens.

Wiley Smith

August 14, 2004 – March 3, 2022

Wiley was born in a West Virginia puppy mill.  He was listed for sale in the paper as a girl; and when we met it turned out there was actually a little girl and 2 boys.  Their lives were so bad to be so little and I felt love at first site.  Since they were puppy mill babies; I came home with all 3!  Wiley was 3months when I brought him and his sibling’s home.  He loved to play with everyone and everything; especially if it made noise and if he could chew it.

Tybee Lewis

You came with joy,

You left with joy.

You claimed anything soft and fluffy as yours

And loved nightly wrestles with the kids before prayers.

You demanded love but you earned it, too -

Mr. Hugs, Sir Snuggs - you wrapped us in your paws' grip.

Regal with your crossed paws

Silly with your signature "Tybee dance".

Fox-like ears and tail,

Playful and friendly with other dogs.

You rescued our son from his hardest of days

And for that we can never repay.

Hero dog.

Patient all day while we worked away

Raven Shane

Raven, aka Black Dog, Pretty Bird, Rae Rae, was born February 14, 2007, in Clarke County, Virginia.  She was adopted from the Clarke County Animal Shelter in April 2007. Raven was the beloved pet of Lora, Blaire, Harmony, and Mindy. She died at home on February 22, 2022, surrounded by family and with her favorite stuffed shark. She was preceded in death by Punkin, Callie, and Ted E.

Little Man White



November 28, 2008 – February 21, 2022


Little Man loved to chase people and cats.  He enjoyed playing with his stuffed duck.  However, he mostly loved his family and spending time with them.  Little man would say mom and bark when he needed something.  Although he had the temper of a pit bull, every moment with him was a blessing.  He is going to be missed by everyone.