Midnight Duncan











October, 1997 - November 21, 2017

Candy Holtsclaw

          February 20, 2012 

          November 18, 2017

Candy came into our family through a litter my cousin had.  She walked out of the crate and jumped straight up on my lap and would not leave.  Candy would love to sit on my lap in the evenings.  She enjoyed her red rubber ball and liked to shake hands.

Lizzie “Woobear” Walter







04/08/07 - 10/12/17







Born in Florence, SC

Passed away in Martinsburg, WV

She was the beautiful “dogter” of Brandie and Robert, “the best sister ever” of Rayna, Rion, and Damien, aunt of “Scooter”, and the big sister of our fur baby Sophia and our prickle puff Floki. 

Tyrone Nicholson





In Memory of Tyrone Nicholson





Twelve years ago you knocked on my window looking for someone to love you and feed you.  For several nights you came at the same time and after several weeks, I was able to have the honor of loving you inside my home.  I love you very much, with all my heart, and know now, you are at peace.


God saw you getting tired, 

When a cure was not to be.

So He wrapped his arms around you,

and whispered, "come to me."

Harley Storm Combs






October 27, 2010


August 31, 2017







Harley loved his Snake Pull toy and a Kong filled with peanut butter.  He enjoyed Stupid Dog, swimming, fetch and riding with Mom and Dad; who Harley also enjoyed sleeping with in their king size bed.  Harley liked everything, except Thunderstorms and Fireworks.  Harley Bug or HB, affectionately called by his family, will be greatly missed; first and foremost how Harley entered their lives Christmas Day, 2010, WOW!

Nash Fisher

11/14/2002 ~ 8/9/2017

Champion Beldachs' Nocturnal Nash

"...Say to yourselves with regret but also with happiness in your hearts at the remembrance of my long, happy life with lies one who loved us dearly and whom was deeply loved".

Nash  produced 12 beautiful puppies who grew to be lovely adults, including :

          CH. Beldachs' Passionate Picasso

          CH. Beldachs' Persimmon Picasso, and

          International and American CH. Beldachs' Poetic Perry.

Lilly Fisher








International and American Ch. Beldach's Poetic Perry, "Lilly"
          The Modest Rose puts forth a thorn,

          The humble sheep a threat’ning horn;

          While the Lily white shall in love delight,

          Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.

                    ~ William Blake

Sam Heflin

11/23/1999  ~ 6/29/2017

Though there is many memories of Sam, these are a few that mean the most to the Heflin family.

Sam loved to eat and get his belly scratched.  He would sit on his hind legs to receive a treat. Sam enjoyed playing with his stuff toy, Giraffe.  Most of all he loved his dad, Charles, and his mom, Connie; he especially liked to snuggle against them.

Sam will be missed, greatly.