Beldachs’ Oliver O’Keeffe (“Ollie”)

Born April 19, 2004 in Berryville, VA, Ollie is one of 7 Longhaired Dachshunds (4 boys and 3 girls) born to CH. Merritudox OC Dandy Reveur (“Danny”) and CH. Beldachs’ Meri Amour d’Ami (“MiMi”).  Gary and Connie Fisher whelped the litter and raised Ollie from birth. 

Ollie was happy about everything he did (except being the show ring!)  He loved to play in the yard, use the agility equipment, hunt or play with any stuffed toy available!  Sticking out his tongue and smiling was Ollie’s special trick, as well as standing on his rear two legs for cookies.

Tristia Moyers

Born December 12, 2012 in Winchester, VA and immediately won Theresa’s heart.  It was love at first sight!  Tristia was born at the Moyers neighbors’ home.  Theresa couldn’t wait to bring Tristia home, finally at 5 weeks she did. From the beginning Tristia, nicknamed Poo, was the most loving and caring little girl.

Nico Harrison

Spring of 1996, a cat was dropped off at the Harrison home; soon after, kittens arrived.  Trish Harrison picked one special kitten out of the litter as her own and named him, Nico.

Nico was born in Cross Junction, VA in April, 1996.  She was such a timid little girl.  Trish remembers how scared she was when she brought her inside.  She said Nico would hide under the bed; finally, one night, she jumped on the bed and slept with her.

Violet Gunterina Carr












Violet was born in Youngstown, OH on December 15, 2002.  She was soon adopted by Travis Carr from the breeder.

Violet enjoyed long walks and riding in the car.  She always looked forward to visiting her grandparents and their three Jack Russell Terriers.  Violet would sit, speak and jump on command.  And she loved her favorite toy, a long colorful worm; as well as eating everything, including lunch boxes and chocolate. 

Spot "Poodie" Evans












Spot was born August 11, 1999 at the home of John and Victoria McInturff in Mountain Falls, Frederick County, VA.  Lisa noticed an ad in the newspaper, “puppies” and called.  She fell in love with Spot immediately and home with her she went! 

Sweetie Hodnett

It is always hard to say goodbye to a beloved family member, which is exactly what Sweetie was – and more!  We will never forget the day she came into our lives and into her FOREVER home 10 years ago.  We found Sweetie wandering at our apartment complex and immediately fell in love with her; like any responsible pet parents we put up signs so she could reunite with her family.  Little did we know that she would escape and end up with us for a second time.

Tiny Byrd

9/17/99 – 6/7/14

When Ashley Byrd’s babysitter told her she was moving and had to take Tiny to the pound because she was unable to take her with her; Ashley said, “I’m taking her!”   And so she did; loving Tiny for the next 15 years.

Tiny’s favorite things were playing fetch and belly rubs.  She enjoyed her favorite toy, which happened to be a rubber flea.  And Tiny could play dead on demand!

Mable McCormick















Satin Harry - della Badia

September 27, 2000 - July 21, 2014

UDC-Ch. Destiny’s Digital Image, UD, RN, WAE, CGC, Schutzhund 3, OB3, T3, A-ATT, MXS, MXJS, RATN; known by those who loved her as “Satin”

Jacob Matthew (Jake) Leonard

Born October 14, 1998 in Winchester, VA

Earned his wings June 7, 2014 in Purcellville, VA

Jake came to us as a gift from our daughter when he was about 8 weeks old and we welcomed him into our hearts, lives and family in December 1998.

He was crazy about his long walks with Dad and his car rides and definitely knew which one he was about to receive. Leash meant walk and keys meant ride and he would be waiting at the door as soon as you picked one of them up.