Catzilla Weaverling

Catzilla was born to a feral cat colony in Wilmington, DE.  She adopted her mom in a park after a thunderstorm.  Catzilla loved to catch “real” mice and play football with her toy mice.  She would run to “home base” from outside.  Catzilla also enjoyed ordering humans around.  One of her most favorite things to do, was helping out with sewing projects - Catzilla is ALWAYS in charge.

Lili Hazelnut "Raspberry" Olmsted




April, 2001 – March 10, 2016





Lili was rescued by the Olmsted family from the Winchester SPCA.  She loved to be outdoors; Lili would chase squirrels, go for walks in the woods and car rides.  She enjoyed lying outside when it snowed.  The family’s favorite memory is how Lili loved to eat raspberries right off the bushes next to the garden. 

Aiden Mason "Bubby" Howell

Nov 15, 2013 – Mar 3, 2016

Aiden was a gift from Aunt Sissy Marsha Moyers and the Howell family is forever grateful for him.  He loved to sleep in bed with mommy.  Aiden enjoyed playing with plastic bottles and loved giving kisses to everyone he met. 

Leaving us way too soon, Aiden crossed the Bridge on March 3 at home surrounded by his family.  He is survived by his mommy, Missy; brothers, Danny and Ethan; and his fur mama, Macie Louise.

Peanut Nigro-Dotson

May, 2002 – February 21, 2016

Peanut was born in Orange County, CA and fell in love with her Aunt Claudine instantly.  When Claudine’s sister decided to give Peanut to her, she was overwhelmed. 

Peanut loved to eat, enjoyed playing with her Sheepie and would “wait” on command.  Peanut traveled everywhere with Claudine and enjoyed taking walks in Pasadena.

Peanut is survived by her parents, Ryan and Claudine; siblings, Daeus, Raiden and Ruby.

“You have gone,

I’ve set you free,

Peanut Jones

June 2, 2002 – February 17, 2016

Linda Jones walked through the Winchester SPCA over 10 years ago and there she was; Peanut won the hearts of her parents instantly.  Peanut loved to go for car rides; she enjoyed being with her mom and dad.  Peanut was so quiet; she never barked or tried to bite.  She was a special little girl; the perfect family dog.

When the family would go up to their river lot in the summer, Peanut would get all excited when they arrived at the front gate; she knew we would be going on “Buggy Rides” in the golf cart.

Gizmo Crim


Gizmo was a gift to Scott; a gift he cherished.  Gizmo loved to lie on Scott’s chest and lick him on the nose.  She would curl up with Scott at night and play with Scamp up and down the stairs by day.

Gizmo left this earthly world on February 13, 2016 at the age of 18.  She is survived by her parents, Scott and Deborah; siblings, Savannah, Daisy, Della, Paris and Scamp.

Gizmo will be greatly missed!


Abby Bruce

April 20, 2003 – January 28, 2016

Abby was always active, she would sniff everything.  She enjoyed going to Sherando Park and the Arboretum in Waterloo.  Abby loved to go in the car, especially if she was going to the bank or drugstore; there was always a cookie to be received!  Abby was very smart, she knew to sit, down, shake, speak and roll over on demand.  Abby was a member of the Blue Ridge Dog Training Club and Agility was her favorite activity to do.  She received many ribbons in her class.   

Abbie Grey

Abbie was born in the summer of 2002.  She soon was rescued by the Grey family; whom she loved and watched over for more than 14 years.

Abbie enjoyed going for walks, car rides, playing tug of war and sleeping.  She would play dead when someone would call out “Bang!”  In 2004, Abbie won Fastest Pup at dog day in Sherando Park.

Abbie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 9, 2016.  She is survived by her dad, Brandon Grey; grandparents, Richard and Sandra Grey; and dear friend, Taylor Smoot.

Chloe Yowell

Chloe joined the Yowell family as a rescue needing a loving home.  She loved her family unconditionally for 9 years.  Chloe crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 29, 2015 surrounded by her family; parents, Bill and Lisa, and brother, Trey.

Chloe enjoyed lying in the sun on the deck and play with a squeaky stuffed animal.  However, the Yowell’s favorite memory is how she loved to sit up on her back legs.

Winnie "Pooh Bear" Smith


February 17, 2001 – January 22 2016



Mom – Susan Smith

Sisters – Kayla and Leilani Smith

Fur Siblings – Lily, Willie, Wiley, Wi-Ski, Wrangler and Wiggie Smith

Fur Siblings preceeded in death – Wickett, Willow and Wizzer Smith