Millie Buracker-Hott

Sep, 2009 - Mar 21, 2021

Millie loved to eat - pizza was her fave.  She enjoyed playing with her squeaky cupcake.  Millie was a beloved dog and she brought so much happiness to us! Millie will be missed so very much! 

Millie is survived by her mom, dad, Sierra, Erikka, Jr, Aubree, Jaisa and Willy.

Cheyenne Mauk-Cowgill

Cheyenne Nicole was born 12/24/12 and passed away on 3/8/21. She is survived by her two daddies David Mauk and DJ Cowgill and her auntie Karen Strickler. She also leaves behind her siblings Maddie, Cocoa and Lexi.

Cheyenne had many pet names including: Anna Nicole, Puppy and Bad Puppy Bad. Any of which would always guarantee you a wag of her tail and a lick on your hands if she could reach you.

Riggo Shiley




6/7/2012 – 2/28/21






Riggo was an early Christmas/Birthday gift in 2012 from my brother, Tagg.  He was “the gift” that kept on giving!  Riggo loved to lie in the sun when my wife, Nancy, would be sunbathing.  He loved to cuddle with me on the sofa.  Chew toys were Riggo’s favorite.  He would jump up for his morning treats, but he could only get a few inches in the air.  Riggo never won any awards or medals, but he was the greatest gift of all time!

Bree Barry Roxbury


12/28/2006 – 2/23/2021


I pup-napped Bree from my mom; she had her a few weeks when I snuck her upstairs to my room.  She loved to be by my side. 

Bree enjoyed going to tea parties with her friends.   She loved playing with whatever her friends, Sash and Petey, were playing with.  Bree got her “Cain Good Citizen” award at a young age. 

Bruno Sibert



September 2, 2006


January 28, 2021




We received Bruno as a baby.  He loved to chew blankets and chase rabbits.  Bruno would sit up on his hind end for treats and attention. When he was a baby, his dad dropped him and thought he killed him.  Bruno was not hurt, thank goodness!  He had two other close calls in life, however survived them both.

Rhylee Aiden Morgan DeMello

February 1, 2015 – December 17, 2020

eceived Rhylee as a birthday gift.  He was a cuddlebug!  Rhylee enjoyed playing with crushed water bottles and squeakers.  He would army craw on his belly to wrestle with you.  My favorite memory of Rhylee was his snorting at traffic, out the window at strangers, wearing his goggles and his Dead Pool back pack and Nub wings.  He was my super hero!

Bruno Obando

April, 2008 – December 6, 2020

Bruno loved to play with his brother, Baby.  Our favorite memory of Bruno and something we will miss very much is how he looked at us, with a lot of love.  We want to thank him for being part of our family and loving us; especially our kids, and always protecting us.  Bruno has left an empty hole in our lives but we are thankful for the 12 marvelous years we spent together.  Bruno, mama, papa, Jonathan, Laly, Baby and Kelvin love you and miss you so much Big Boy!!

  • Obando Family

Indy Jackson

January 12, 2005

December 2, 2020


We adopted Indy from the Winchester SPCA.  She loved to play with other dogs, bark at cats, hanging out with her family and going for walks.  Indy loved all people and loved giving kisses.  She was the best dog ever and will be truly missed by all who had the pleasure of receiving one of her kisses and tail wags.

  • Randy, Avery and Quentin Jackson

Maya Maloney (AKA Grandma)






23 May 2005


23 November 2020







Ricky Ashby


March 27, 2008 – November 21, 2020


We adopted Ricky from Esther Boyd Animal Shelter.  He loved his new family and would follow us around.  Ricky enjoyed bones.  He grew up with our children, Courtney and David, Jr., who loved him very much.  Courtney taught Ricky to shake hands.  David, Jr. loved to cuddle with him.

Ricky was the best dog!  Ricky had a very relaxing temperament and loved his family.  He was very obedient and never left our side.  We will miss him greatly.

  • David and Tracey Ashby