Nikki Lutz

  Sadly, we had to put our beloved Whippet Nikki to sleep on Saturday, Dececember 26th.  She'd either had a stroke or a spinal injury as she'd suddenly lost all function in her rear legs on Christmas Eve afternoon.   Fortunately she was in no pain as I tried Prednisone for a couple days until she decided to stop eating & drinking.

Two Socks Doherty







11/11/2000 – 12/25/2015







Two Socks was 6 weeks old when he jumped out of a wrapped box on Christmas day and right into Hunter’s arms.  He was the best Christmas gift ever!  Two Socks loved his squeaky toy Dragon and enjoyed hiking at Bear’s Den.

Two Socks crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Christmas day surrounded by his family; parents, Denis and Maggie, sister, Sierra and his best friend, Hunter.

Spencer Mahoney





03/05/2005 – 12/13/2015






Star Dehaven

Our little star left the family to go to her new home in heaven.  She was just like a kid in the family... she brought so much joy to the family; she will be dearly missed by so many.  She had a great life here on earth.  I, Amanda, was the daughter in the family that always wanted a dog and my step father found this beautiful pride and joy that I called my Star May. She was 5 years when she came to our family in 2000 and has been with us till she was called home on December 5, 2015.  She loved going everywhere with me in the car.

Scottie Davis

September 22, 2003 – December 5, 2015

Scottie was a gift to Rick from Gene.  They went to the breeders in Bluemont, VA and picked him out of the litter.  Scottie loved to play ball, especially his big plastic ball which had a smaller ball inside, and his stuffed lamb.  He could catch a ball in midair!

Rick remembers, “He would talk to me when I came home from work, growl at my feet and pounce back and forth to play”.    Scottie loved the snow!  Gene took a picture of him covered in snow and Scottie made it on the TV news when we had the BIG snow.

Bear Cook


February 25, 2003 - November 28, 2015

Pet Parents:  Michael Cook and Angela Kier

Brothers:   Teddy and Chance Cook


Gizmo Wilson

April 8, 2000 – November 22, 2015

Gizmo was born in Inwood, WV and needed a home to call his own.  The Wilson family took him in and fell in love at first sight!  Gizmo loved to ride in the car and bite at the air.  He enjoyed playing with a tennis ball and danced like there was no one watching.

When Gizmo was very small, the Wilson’s would take him to Walmart; he fit in his daddy’s coat pocket very nicely.  Giz went everywhere with his family. 

Diesel Taylor






Apr 25, 2002 – Nov 6, 2015





As Alicia sat in front of a litter of puppies and said come here, Diesel came to her first and found his forever family!  Diesel loved to play with the children in his family and loved the Beanie Boo’s left by visiting grandchildren. 

Bentley Ensogna

“Brightridge “Bentley” Charm

9/24/00 – 10/28/15

As a puppy the Ensogna family wanted a Cairn Terrier; a friend, Debbie, found Bentley.  He joined the Ensogna family on January 15, 2001.  Bentley was independent and his “free-thinking” nature is what his new family loved about him.  That is why Sam and Faith Ensogna chose him, because Cairns are known for their willful behavior – they always loved that in Bentley!

Lukie Golightly

Lukie was adopted by late James and Linda Golightly in August, 2004.  He left this world much too soon on October 16, 2015.  Although gone from our earthly ways, Lukie will never be forgotten.

Lukie loved to eat, sleep and play with his stuffed Parrot.  He enjoyed the wind in his face while running and giving love to everyone in his space.  Lukie was special and loved by all!

He is survived by his step-mom, Teresa Golightly, Melanie Melester, Donna Golightly, Dottie Carter and Susan Williams.