Bailey Anderson

12/5/2002 – 10/282016

Bailey came out of a pile of puppies into her mommies lap and stole her heart forever.  She loved to swim and play with tennis balls.  Bailey loved the water and every chance she got, she was in it; even at 3:00 in the morning!

Bailey is survived by her mommies, Angela and Brandi; brother, Dixon; sisters, Molly, Ruby and Sanza. 

Bailey will be missed but is running with her sister, Indi; who preceded her.

Katie Girl (Cassey) Morgan

Katie Girl came in the lives of the Morgan family on July 11, 2009.  They were lucky to end up with Katie; she came from a not so good home that did not want her anymore.  Katie was about 4 years old and her name was Cassey; however her new mommy started calling her Katie Girl and it stuck.  A new name for a new life!

Tilly Chamberlain



Miss Tilly Chamberlain
Cavalier King Charles
June, 2001 ~ Dec, 2014
Born in Sydney, Australia......  Passed in Winchester, USA.

Loved and Remembered by Many!
Miss You and Wish You Were Still Here with Us.
"Precious Tilly, you will live forever in my heart".

RIP Our Darling Princess!
Sandy & Tony Chamberlain

Albert Bruneau











Albert passed away 8/23/16 while being craddled by Kelli after a battle with prolonged illness.  He is preceded in death by D, Gramme, Bunker, Mack, and Flare.   Albert leaves behind Aly, Kelli, Benny, Amanda, Bub, Macy, and his nemesis Jack Jack.

Samantha Katie Knight





May 26, 2003

April 22, 2015




Sega Root

March 14, 2007 – August 14, 2016

Sega was adopted through Blue Ridge Community College LVT program that her mom was in while getting her LVT certifications.  She quickly stole the hearts of her new family and friends; Sega continued to do so with everyone she met.  She loved to play with her hedgehog, chase squirrels, go camping and to the cottage and cuddle with her brother, Torro.

Tuffy Elliott










December, 2003 – June 27, 2016

Tuffy was found as a pup in a ground hog hole in the barn; abandoned by her mother.   She was the sweetest little pup.  Tuffy loved to eat, take walks and watch other dogs and people.  She especially enjoyed playing with her squeaky fox toy.  Tuffy was always waiting at the door for her mom to come in so she could be loved on.

Bailey Burchfield










Surrounded by the love of her family, both human and feline, and with the compassionate care of Dr. Rebecca Verna, Miss Bailey Leaves Burchfield passed away in the comfort of her own home on Tuesday, June 21, 2016, after a well fought struggle with bladder cancer and renal failure. She was 15 years old.

Sarah Bear Graves-DuBrueler

May 20, 2015 – June 15, 2016

One summer day as Steve and Robyn were at a Demolition Derby, at the Frederick County Fair, there was a litter of 6 week old Shelties that needed homes.  Robyn took one look at Sarah and picked her up; she never let her go.  Steve had forbidden Robyn to get a dog and adamantly was against getting Sarah.  However, while he was racing in the Derby, Robyn got Sarah and when he finished the race Robyn showed Sarah to Steve.  He put her in his shirt and from that point forward Sarah was a Daddy’s girl.