Mystique Boyce-See


Mystique Boyce-See


Born in May of 2015, Mystique was adopted at 8 weeks old by her mom, Crystal.  She loved to chew on her bone and any toys she was given.  Mystique enjoyed giving everyone hugs and kisses.  A precious memory for her family is how she would greet people at the top of the stairs with her paw out for a handshake.   Also, running down the hall and back with someone hunched over and she would jump over them only to do it all over again.

Daisy Mae Williams













Daisy was adopted by Ms. Williams from the Briggs Animal Shelter, when she was just 4 ½ months old.  She enjoyed looking out windows and watch people, birds and squirrels.   Daisy loved to play with her stuffed “My Buddy” toy. 

Radar Shingleton













Radar passed away peacefully alongside his human mom of 8 ½ years, Saturday, November 23, 2019. 

Ashley Lutz


GCHB, UGRCH, UACH, URO3, UCD Timbreblue Windrydr Biker Girl, CD, MC, FCH, RAE10, AJP, AXP, OA, OAJ, CGC, TKN, TT, CAVX

Our Calvin sired the litter Ashley was in and she became my “stud fee puppy” from her breeder.  For the 14 ½ years Ashley was with us, she enjoyed playing with all squeaky toys.  Her special trick was she could back up in place.

Mischief Haines




2/16/2002 – 11/7/2019







Mischief enjoyed being a lap cat; she would hop in your lap and want loads of loving.  She was the purr master, when in your lap!  As the Haines family first pet, Mischief will forever be in their hearts.

She is survived by her human parents, Larry and Tara 2 human brothers, Jerry and Thomas, and 2 canine brothers, Skye and Oreo.

Ghost Spirit Holtsclaw



2/2/2010 – 10/25/2019


I love my Dog





I have a dog who’s special

Who is as smart as smart can be

Who comes running when I call

And loves spending time with me

My dog will always greet me

When I come home each day

And never is too busy

To take time to play

So I will hang this picture

On the wall for all to see

My companion, my faithful friend

Who means the world to me!

Zeb Nurko

Zebadiah Nurko

January 20, 2010 – October 9, 2019

Zeb was adopted from Briggs Animal Shelter in Charles Town, WV.   He was unusual as he came right to us and seemed to pick us.  Zeb loved to bark at the deer in the back yard.  He enjoyed playing with his stuffed hedgehog.  And when it came time for a treat, Zeb always waited for permission before taking it.  He lived to play ball and to retrieve.  Zeb would get so excited to see us when we returned home after being gone, even if for only an hour.

Gatsby Lewis

Gatsby Lewis joined our family in November, 2004, rescued from the Charleston SPCA when Bryan & Christa were stationed there with the Air Force. After Christa’s mom passed away, Bryan suggested that they go “look” at dogs, and it was that very visit that we fell in love and adopted him that day. Named for the storyline of The Great Gatsby, upon moving from a shelter to base-housing too large for just the two of Bryan & Christa, he truly went from “rags to riches, Old Sport”.

Jasper Cain

“Our grand-daughter rescued Jasper from a shelter. In time she realized he needed more attention than she could give, so she rehomed him with us.  Jasper was a part of our family for 8 years.  He enjoyed walks in the park with his human dad and meeting little kids; and riding in the truck.  He liked playing with any toy that had a squeaker; he loved to tear them out of the toy!  Jasper would talk to you; he would sit in front of you and grumble until you guessed what he wanted…  Treat, Water, Go Outside??