Sarah Bear Graves-DuBrueler

May 20, 2015 – June 15, 2016

One summer day as Steve and Robyn were at a Demolition Derby, at the Frederick County Fair, there was a litter of 6 week old Shelties that needed homes.  Robyn took one look at Sarah and picked her up; she never let her go.  Steve had forbidden Robyn to get a dog and adamantly was against getting Sarah.  However, while he was racing in the Derby, Robyn got Sarah and when he finished the race Robyn showed Sarah to Steve.  He put her in his shirt and from that point forward Sarah was a Daddy’s girl.

Shannon Lutz


Fermanagh WGASA Why Not,


 7 June 2000 - 27 April 2016

 Shannon’s health had been failing the last few months and we put her to sleep on Wednesday, 27 April.  She would’ve been 16 in June.  She’d defied all odds by living 3 ½ yrs. after being diagnosed with Bladder cancer.  I wasn’t surprised as she was a tough little Whippet.  

Baby Campbell










Baby was born October 12, 2000 in White Post, Virginia.  As a 6 week old stray barn kitten, Baby was brought into Carol Campbell’s office at the White Post Correctional Center; and in Carol’s heart forever.

Baby always waited at the door for Carol when she returned home.  She liked to get her up early in the mornings to fix her breakfast and Baby always needed to taste-test Carol’s food.

Hank Wilson





4/11/2003- 4/12/2016






He was born in the mid-west, and we adopted him from a former neighbor.

He gave us 5 years of happiness, and we gave him the best he could have.

He loved riding in the car, and his favorite place to go was Blandy Farm State Arboretum near his home.  He is deeply missed and he will never be forgotten. We shall meet again dear friend. Love you so very much!

MiMi Fisher

Ch. Beldach’s Meri Amour D’Ami “Mi-Mi”

“MiMi” was born November 2, 2001 in Berryville, Virginia.  She was a “singleton” puppy, the daughter of Am. Can. Ch. Tudox Im Sum Kina Guy L and Ch. Beldachs' Ingenieux Inness (“Jenny”).

“MiMi” was a happy, inquisitive youngster…with her nose on the ground always searching and hunting for something new. . She whelped two beautiful litters of puppies and was a loving, wonderful Mother. She also loved to go for car rides and she traveled from Virginia, to Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and to Ohio for various activities.

Honey Hudson


Honey was adopted, by Sara, from the Winchester Pet Smart.  Not only did she love to eat; she also enjoyed playing with her favorite toy, a mouse on the end of a stick.  Although Honey did not want to be picked up, she wanted to be near you.  Honey loved for her head to be scratched and to rub up against you.  Sara says, “Honey was really sweet and adorable.  She had pretty blue eyes.  Honey was a beautiful Siamese”.

Catzilla Weaverling

Catzilla was born to a feral cat colony in Wilmington, DE.  She adopted her mom in a park after a thunderstorm.  Catzilla loved to catch “real” mice and play football with her toy mice.  She would run to “home base” from outside.  Catzilla also enjoyed ordering humans around.  One of her most favorite things to do, was helping out with sewing projects - Catzilla is ALWAYS in charge.

Lili Hazelnut "Raspberry" Olmsted




April, 2001 – March 10, 2016





Lili was rescued by the Olmsted family from the Winchester SPCA.  She loved to be outdoors; Lili would chase squirrels, go for walks in the woods and car rides.  She enjoyed lying outside when it snowed.  The family’s favorite memory is how Lili loved to eat raspberries right off the bushes next to the garden. 

Aiden Mason "Bubby" Howell

Nov 15, 2013 – Mar 3, 2016

Aiden was a gift from Aunt Sissy Marsha Moyers and the Howell family is forever grateful for him.  He loved to sleep in bed with mommy.  Aiden enjoyed playing with plastic bottles and loved giving kisses to everyone he met. 

Leaving us way too soon, Aiden crossed the Bridge on March 3 at home surrounded by his family.  He is survived by his mommy, Missy; brothers, Danny and Ethan; and his fur mama, Macie Louise.

Peanut Nigro-Dotson

May, 2002 – February 21, 2016

Peanut was born in Orange County, CA and fell in love with her Aunt Claudine instantly.  When Claudine’s sister decided to give Peanut to her, she was overwhelmed. 

Peanut loved to eat, enjoyed playing with her Sheepie and would “wait” on command.  Peanut traveled everywhere with Claudine and enjoyed taking walks in Pasadena.

Peanut is survived by her parents, Ryan and Claudine; siblings, Daeus, Raiden and Ruby.

“You have gone,

I’ve set you free,