Snooper Walsh

The Walsh’s’ son brought Snooper for a visit in 2002; he enjoyed the water and being able to run on his visit that he decided to stay.  Snooper loved the outdoors, especially chasing the squirrels. In his early years, Snooper liked to sit and sun bathe.  He enjoyed playing with his stuffed squirrel squeaker toy named, Baby.  And at 96 pounds, Snooper thought he was a “lap” dog.  He loved to climb into the laps of his family and take a nap, until in Snooper’s senior years, when his hip issues kept him from doing so. 

Copper James Watkins





July 4, 2007 –

December 21, 2016








Copper was born in Winchester, VA and was adopted and loved by his family; Sandy, Michael J., James, Michael A., Rachel Watkins and Madison Brill, Remington and Michael L.

Copper loved to lie on the bed.  He enjoyed playing with his green ball; although Copper most enjoyed, “Find Jimmy”.

Copper crossed the Rainbow Bridge at his home in Star Tannery, VA, surrounded by his family.


Sprinkle Swain

November, 2005 – November 4, 2016

Sprinkle was found as an abandoned puppy in Front Royal and was given a home with the Swain family.  He loved to run, chase birds, and go on walks.  Unlike most puppies, Sprinkle did not like toys; he enjoyed his family, instead.

Sprinkle is survived by his parents, Josh and Samantha; siblings, Catie and Jake; and his “Grammy”.

Every day the Swains came home, Sprinkle was always happy to see them; his greeting will be remembered and cherished in their hearts forever.

Bailey Anderson

12/5/2002 – 10/282016

Bailey came out of a pile of puppies into her mommies lap and stole her heart forever.  She loved to swim and play with tennis balls.  Bailey loved the water and every chance she got, she was in it; even at 3:00 in the morning!

Bailey is survived by her mommies, Angela and Brandi; brother, Dixon; sisters, Molly, Ruby and Sanza. 

Bailey will be missed but is running with her sister, Indi; who preceded her.

Katie Girl (Cassey) Morgan

Katie Girl came in the lives of the Morgan family on July 11, 2009.  They were lucky to end up with Katie; she came from a not so good home that did not want her anymore.  Katie was about 4 years old and her name was Cassey; however her new mommy started calling her Katie Girl and it stuck.  A new name for a new life!

Tilly Chamberlain



Miss Tilly Chamberlain
Cavalier King Charles
June, 2001 ~ Dec, 2014
Born in Sydney, Australia......  Passed in Winchester, USA.

Loved and Remembered by Many!
Miss You and Wish You Were Still Here with Us.
"Precious Tilly, you will live forever in my heart".

RIP Our Darling Princess!
Sandy & Tony Chamberlain

Albert Bruneau











Albert passed away 8/23/16 while being craddled by Kelli after a battle with prolonged illness.  He is preceded in death by D, Gramme, Bunker, Mack, and Flare.   Albert leaves behind Aly, Kelli, Benny, Amanda, Bub, Macy, and his nemesis Jack Jack.

Samantha Katie Knight





May 26, 2003

April 22, 2015




Sega Root

March 14, 2007 – August 14, 2016

Sega was adopted through Blue Ridge Community College LVT program that her mom was in while getting her LVT certifications.  She quickly stole the hearts of her new family and friends; Sega continued to do so with everyone she met.  She loved to play with her hedgehog, chase squirrels, go camping and to the cottage and cuddle with her brother, Torro.