Muffet Stewart




    2004  –







Muffet was found by our daughter’s dog in their backyard in Inwood.  My husband and I fell in love at first sight and he became ours.   Muffet liked to be with us.  He’d often sleep at his daddy’s feet while he worked in his office.  He would also set on his mommy’s lap to watch tv. 

Muffet now runs free with his fur siblings, Snoop and Lucky, across the Rainbow Bridge.

Steve and Laura Stewart

Luna Apricot Lilac Moon Youngblood


January 19, 2004 – September 4, 2018


After a few months from getting Peaches, we decided we need another Sharpei.  Luna’s “gotcha” day was March 7, 2004.  Luna and Peaches, both, came home on Full moon Sundays; and they loved each other immediately!

Luna liked playing with his nylabone dino and enjoyed having his photo taken; he was very photogenic. 

Shawnee Thornton




Dec. 11, 2003


Oct. 22, 2018





Shawnee was adopted from the Fauquier SPCA.  I knew the moment she looked into my eyes, she was our companion.  Shawnee picked us!!  

Shawnee loved to walk trails, sniff at poop and lay on the porch to sunbathe.  She understood everything.  And knew how to roll, shake hands and speak!

Jacob Edward “Jake” Burau





March, 2004 – September, 2018





Jake came to the Burau family as a pup and stole their hearts from the first wiggle butt!  He enjoyed walks and car rides.  Jake would blow bubbles with his spit; which would cause his family to laugh.  He loved to play with his sisters’ Elmo and snuggling up in fleece blankets. 

Mieu Morgan–Care















Mieu walked in front of me and sat down, blocking my path and said, “Mieu!”  She stole my heart from that moment on.  Mieu loved to chase the laser pointer and sleep in my hands.  My favorite memory is she would attack by arm and hand when I’d whistle.  She’d put her front paws on my thigh and extend her claws to get picked up and held.

Mieu is greatly missed!

Muffin Yang

June 20, 2006 - July 9, 2018

We got Muffin for our dad when he had a heart attack. Then he came to live with us when dad became too old to care for him.  We had Muffin for more than 10 years and what a blessing he was to us!

Muffin enjoyed car rides and barking at the cat.  He also liked to cuddle with us.  Muffin loved his squeaky pig toy.  Although we did not approve, he also liked to get into the “closed” garbage can.

Sweety Dog Moats











Sweety Dog was a gift from people who were moving and were unable to take him with them.  He was talented; Sweety Dog could sit, shake paw and stay.  He loved to play with his stuffed soccer ball, however eating and walking was Sweety Dog’s favorite thing to do.

He is survived by his mom, Paula, and brothers, Christopher (Melissa) and Samuel (Angela).

Brody Umbenour





Born 12/25/07

Died 7/4/18







Lily Harry-Della Badia










RATCH Kelview’s Black Ice V. Mueller, CD, OA,OAJ, NTK, TDI RATCHX

(AKA Lily)

December 2, 2009 –June 29, 2018