Pablo “Piggy Tail” Rounds

Pablo Rounds made the all-too early trip across the Rainbow Bridge on Monday April 3, 2017 as a result of injuries sustained in an accident involving a vehicle.  Pablo was born August, 2015 to parents unknown as his real family wouldn’t come until a little later in life.  Around May, 2016 Pablo accidently stumbled upon his forever home, his current living situation was not working, so his “Mum” Leslie had asked her sister and brother-in-law to give it a try with the still all too young puppy.  When his new parents arrived to get him, Leslie had said that, “He does not do well with men.”  The first person he went to in the car was his new “Dad”.  From that day on the two of them was always side-by-side, where you would see one you would see the other.  Pablo was a free spirit, usually not settling down for just anyone, however when he would see his “brother” Johnathan he would run and be by his side.

Pablo did not have much of a social life, that wasn’t the life he wanted, instead he settled for a quiet home life with a whole lot of craziness involved.  Rather it were the dirty underwear he would chew and upset his Mom or the mornings that Dad would wake up with him nestled in-between his legs, he always had his place in the family.  Yes he was an animal but somehow this little guy had made his way into each one of our hearts and we had done the same to him, he usually didn’t say much, just a simple little dance and a lick to reassure.  His time here with us wasn’t long, but the time we had with him will never be forgotten.

Pablo left behind a family of the fur and non-fur kind.  He is survived by his mom, Susie Rounds; dad, Wayne Rounds; big brothers, Whyatt Lapp, Johnathan Blake, William Blake, and Tupac Rounds; he only lucked out by having one sister, Ginger Rounds, but he loved her more than anything; all still at home; Andy Rounds, wife, Charlotte, and children; Shane Rounds, wife, Ana; Kellie Brennemen, husband, Andy and children; all living on their own.  There are many other family members that he had and each and every one had their place in his heart.

Pablo was preceded in death by his grandparents, Orville and Ruth Rounds; two uncles, David Rounds and Richard Broadwater; one aunt, Tonya Broadwater.  Although we are deeply saddened by his premature departure from us, we know that he has an amazing group of people in heaven looking over him until we can be there with him again.

Pablo’s days consisted of napping, eating, and play.  When he was given the chance he would run his heart out with hopes that his sister, Ginger, would give chase, and when she did his heart would be so proud.  He would allow her to catch him sometimes, but then it was back off to the races.  When he was given the chance to pull one over on Tupac he would, usually using a back leg as a chicken leg.  Once his days were done, he would lay with his mom and dad, just to have his mom pull on his piggy tail so he could get her back, which only ever consisted of a pounce and a few encouraging licks.  He would then snuggle down for the night laying wrapped up in a ball in-between his dad’s legs, just to keep his dad warm.  Somewhere during the night he would move over to his brothers’ bed, Johnathan, and lay with his favorite.  Everyday Pablo looked forward to greeting his boys when they got off the bus after school and being able to spend time with his brothers. 

Pablo will be deeply missed by his family in whom he resided with as he was a major part of their lives.  Every day will be less painful to bear and every tomorrow will be one day closer until we meet again.  Pablo’s family would like to thank, again, the amazing staff at All Pets Cremation Center in Winchester, Virginia for their support and help thorough this difficult time.