Kolby Elaine Burchfield


Kolby Elaine Burchfield passed away unexpectedly on Saturday April 7 2018

We know very little about his life prior to his joining our family.

He first showed up on our doorstep at Christmas 2015. We had seen him around the neighborhood and assumed that he had a people family, but as time progressed, that did not seem to be the case. During that horribly cold winter, he seemed to always be outside, even in all kinds of weather. When we had the snowstorm with three feet of snow, somehow he got up on our deck and there he was, perched on a mound of all that snow, waiting for dinner. As winter turned to spring, he was still around and spending a lot of time outside with us. By now, he was approaching us, being friendly and sitting in laps while joining us for our Friday night cocktail series on the deck. By this time he had been named Elaine, as we thought he was a girl. When he joined our inside family in August, we had a "Springer" moment when we found out he was born a man. At that point he was renamed Kolby.

In the time he was with us, he came to trust us as we gave him a home filled with warmth, our companionship, love and plenty of other feline buddies for him to come to know. In return we came to know a wonderful feline person who readily gave kitty hugs, bit daddy Kevin(on a regular basis), enjoyed sitting on both of our laps and kitty rides in which he would perch across our shoulders to be paraded around the house. He even learned after a while that it was ok to join daddy in bed. His toughest choice was which daddy to sleep with, but he was fair about it, alternating bedrooms, some nights in one, some nights in the other. 

We will miss his presence in our home, but we know that he will never know a cold winter again, he had a good home and was very much loved.

He is survived by his loving dads, Kevin Burchfield and Steve Cosgrove, both of Linden and a host of our feline companions.

Funeral arrangements are private. A Memorial Cocktail Evening will be held on our back deck later this spring whenever it gets warm enough around here to have it. 

The family would like to offer their thanks to Drs. Lo and Pence at the Warren County Vet Clinic. We know you guys did your best, and we appreciate that, and to the staff at All Pets Cremation Center for their tender care (yet again) of both Kolby and us.