Chauntzie Sibert





Dec 21, 2006


Mar 16, 2019







Chauntzie came into the lives of the Sibert family as a 6 week old puppy.  He grew up loving his family; especially his mom, whose side he never left 24/7!  Chauntzie liked to take long walks with mom and play in the snow.  He enjoyed playing with stuffed toys; he would pull everything out of them.  He was very well mannered; Chauntzie knew how to sit, give, and paw.

Chauntzie was the best dog the Siberts’ ever had.  After he was on medication 3 times a day, he would get his mom when it was time to take it.  Chauntzie was so smart! 

He will be missed so much.  Chauntzie is survived by Gary and Betsy Sibert, his dad and mom; brothers, Romeo, Bruno, Mortie and Beau.  He left paw prints on our hearts and will forever be loved.