Goldie Locke

AKC Registered Silkie Terrier as Tawny Mist’s Golden Sapphire

Born in Texas November 5, 2005 
Died in Winchester, Va. April 29, 2019

Goldie’s extended family was numerous.  Her human mommy was Janet “Nelly” Donnell and her human daddy Bron Locke.  Her other favorite humans were Buddy, Bobby, and Eddie Loy and Betty Locke.

Goldie came to us through her breeders.  She arrived in our arms in Clearlake Oaks, Ca on January 11, 2006.

Everyone who met Goldie loved her, just as she loved them.  If it’s a dog’s purpose to provide happiness, caring, and unconditional love she far exceeded her purpose.  She would play fetch for hours in her younger years and still loved to play right up to a week before she passed.  Her favorite toy was an orange squeaky toy but she loved all of her toys.  If you would say “where’s your toy” her ears perked up and she got excited.  She loved going for walks and sitting outside on warm days.  She barked relentlessly when she saw other dogs but she would never have hurt them.

My favorite memory of her was watching her with her “mommy”.  The two of them were only separated at feeding time, time to get water, time to play, or time to go outside.  Otherwise she was in Nelly’s lap and sleeping beside her.  She was in bed with Nelly right up to the second her “mommy” went to Heaven.  Now, they are reunited.

I want to thank all of the people who came into her life and brought her joy.  Anyone who came to the house, she just knew they were visiting her!  I was truly blessed to have such a wonderful companion for over 13 years.


I never thought I could love a pet so much. She became a part of my, the good part. Bringing me smiles and joy in my darkest times. You will always be in my heart Goldie. I love you so much.