Roadie Head “Chump” “Bup Bup” Taylor

September 9, 2010 – April 10, 2019

Roadie entered Krystina’s life through a family friend, who raised pit bulls.  She was blessed to see Roadie born.  Roadie was the runt of the litter and had what looked like a lightning bolt, white mark in his fur; Krystina instantly fell in love!

Roadie liked to play fetch with his toys, swimming on the river and traveling in the car.  He enjoyed rolling over and water fetch.

Roadie and Krystina moved to New Orleans in 2013.  He went everywhere in the city with her.  They would hang out at the bar Krystina worked, where Roadie had his own bar bowl.  The day before they left he kept staring at a bar stool.  Then all of a sudden with one swift leap he jumped up into the seat of the bar stool.  Everyone just gasped in amazement with his accuracy and decided it was ok for him to sit on the stool at the bar; Roadie earned it and you could tell he had been planning it for a while.

Roadie loved with all he had and gave love to so many friends, family and strangers; especially kids and babies.  He always had to have a toy in his mouth and was the first riding shotgun for car rides.  He loved going to the river, hiking and going on adventures with his mommy.  Roadie traveled everywhere Krystina did, from New Orleans to New York.  He was Krystina’s true road dog!

Roadie will be forever missed by his family and friends.  He is survived by his mommy, Krystina Danielle Taylor; sister, Darla Jolynn Taylor; Grandma “Nay Nay”, Deborah Belinda Taylor; Grandpa “Pops”, William Greene Taylor; and his aunt, Sophia Elizabeth Taylor.


Naynay an pops miss u so much u will always be our lil man I'll always miss those big sloppy kisses that we shared
Roadie was more then a dog he was my best friend and the world is a smaller place without him and i will never forget him he will always hold a special place in my heart and im so grateful and honored to have him as a part of my life till we see each other again roadie