Beemo Brown






12/3/2012 – 3/31/2020








Amanda and I rescued Beemo from the Onslow County Animal Shelter in February of 2015. She was a ball of energy and loved to run in HUGE circles at random times. If that was outside, great! If that was inside…. Well… it got interesting with watching her jump over various pieces of furniture while burning through her burst of energy J The first night we had her, she decided that she wanted to sleep in bed with us. I woke up the following morning with her asleep on my neck. I guess she had decided that she was going to keep us.

Beemo’s favorite thing to do was to go for rides in my truck. If you said the word “truck” or “ride” in any conversation in the house, she would instantly jump up and run in circles, jump up on either of us that was closest, then bolt for the front door so that we would know that she was ready to go for a ride. Once we got in the truck, she would either hang out the rear window smelling all of the things or stand on the back seat, with her front legs on the center console and lean against me while watching the world go by. She also loved getting treats in her chew toys. She would get her toy and bring it to us in her mouth, throw it at us, and the bark once or twice, to emphasize that she was ready for a treat.

Beemo had several distinct barks… one for strangers. You KNEW you were not supposed to be there if she barked that one at you. Then there was the bark for her food bowl being slightly out of place. She was particular about the placement of her food bowl and the arrangement of the food in it. If it was wrong…. She would let us know. There was also the bark for things she desperately wanted to have, but couldn’t…. like the groundhog that was on the other side of the fence that she couldn’t play with. However, the most adorable bark was the one where she was frustrated with us for not giving her our dinner plates to lick and she could see that we were finished eating. You could feel her frustration for us making her wait J

Beemo slept on the bed with us. She would start out at the foot of the bed… but at some point, she would end up getting under the covers, nestled up against one of us. Which was great during the winter! Unless she ended up moving the covers so that she could have her head out of the covers and uncovering our feet; which happened quite often.

She was the happiest, smartest, and most loveable pup I have ever met. Everywhere we went, everyone loved her and she loved to meet them all. She loved kids the most. When she met Devin, Cameron, and Trinity, she automatically loved them immensely. She knew that they were our kids and therefore they were her family.

Beemo was diagnosed with cancer in November. She underwent chemo treatments for several months, but lost her battle on March 31st. She will be missed everday.  - Chris Brown