Benson Wilson




February 27, 2012


April 16, 2020





You have only been in our lives for four short years; we found you and accepted you into our home on March 19, 2016.  You was an abused dog the first four years of your life before we found you.  We wanted to get you out of your current situation and give you a home where you could receive as much love as you gave.  You were a good boy and you never caused us any issues, ever!  You only loved us and wanted nothing in return but our love; and you got plenty of that.  We spoiled you rotten and gave you toys to play with and your favorite, Dingo Bones, three times a day; sometimes more just because you would look at us with this sad look and you knew we would give in eventually and we did.  You couldn’t sleep without your biscuit to chew on, as we spoiled you on that as well.  You hated any type of bug or bees and if one got into the house, you were sure to let us know by barking non-stop until we removed it.  You would sit in your favorite spot on the porch and you would watch in every direction faithfully, turning your head from side to side, to let us know if anything was around that wasn’t supposed to be.  You barked at every car that came near our home to make us aware so we would stay safe and we nicknamed you Officer Benson because of it.  You loved to take naps throughout the day, you loved to sleep period; but you never stopped watching over things inside or outside the home, even if you only had one eye barely opened.  You loved your blankets and loved to stay warm and you would dig your head under them to where you were completely hidden, but that’s the way you liked it, and you only had your two beautiful brown eyes peeking out to keep watch over us.  You fought so hard to stay with us at the end of your life and you didn’t want to leave us nor did we want you to leave, you were a fighter, even to the end.  You meant so much to us and we strived every single day to give you much better four years than what you was forced to endure during your first four years of life.  We only wished that we could have found you sooner, so we could have had more time with you.  You were such a good, loving and caring dog; and you loved your sister, Pebbles, very much even if she was annoying you at times when you wanted to sleep and you loved to play with her and sleep next to here every night.  You will be forever missed, Benson, and our hearts are breaking without you here with us.  You are and always will be, Mommy and Daddy’s Big Boy.  We love you Benson!

  • Brent and Patricia Wilson