aka/ Rascal Dazzle Doodle Dog / Rascal McGee / MY MONKEY!!!

April 2, 2008 was the date of Rascal’s birth in Mansfield, AR. When he arrived, he stole our hearts. What a joy he brought to his family: Tim and Babette (parents), Mitchell and Leah (siblings).  He filled our home with fun, laughter and chaos! I already miss the tap of his paws down the hallway and our car rides and walks. He was my (Mama) constant companion after being sent home to work due to the Virus and we have become inseparable. I’m sure when the pain and grief subsides, I’ll be able to look back with fond memories without completely falling apart and sobbing. You’ve forever touched our hearts!  Love you so much out little RASCAL!


Mama will write you another note. Miss you so much my heart hurts. MG is looking for you and crying/meowing constantly and Carmel hasn't realized yet that you aren't here. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
So sorry for your loss Babette. Our pets become family and leave a hole in our hearts when they are gone that cant be filled. Hope you are able to remember the good memories. Thinking of you and your family.