Bounce Russell

October 2008 – March 2022

Bounce Russell passed away in Tysons Corner, Virginia, on the evening of March 17, 2022.  She fought GI lymphoma heroically and gave her mom and dad high-spirited times in her end days. She was thirteen years old.  Bounce was white and tan with dainty little spots on her left ear and had the softest velvet-like fur ever. She was a longer-legged Jack Russell Terrier (not a squatty JRT and not a long-legged JRT – like Goldilocks, she was just right).  She was laid to rest at All Pets Chapel in Winchester after a spiritual celebration of her life.  Bounce is survived by her human parents, Russ, and Susan, and is preceded in her passing by her canine brother and buddy, Beacon.  

Bounce was an artist and if she had been a human, she would have been a poet or a painter.  She always appeared to operate on a higher plane and earned the nickname of “UFO alien” because she had friends “up there”. She enjoyed classical music on the radio and watching ice skating on TV.  Her favorite television commercial was Uber Eats with Elton John and Bounce always barked when she heard the doorbell in the commercial. 

Mostly, Bounce enjoyed long, long walks in a forest called Fox World to see her forest friends – red foxes, white tailed deer, red tailed hawks, barred owls, blue heron, blue birds, and cardinals. She walked briskly and deliberately and could be both bold and demure in her encounters with other canines.  Bounce enjoyed picking out a toy from a door-side basket to take on walks and her favorites included Lamb (her BFF), Candy Corn, and a soccer ball with “LOVE” on it.   She was well known for this in our neighborhood, and it brought smiles and laughter from those who encountered her.  Bounce was a graduate of Performance Dogs Academy and among her parent’s fondest memories were watching her board a tiny canine bus daily for her school classes.  Bounce was a model for Amanda Jones Photography ads and perfected an aloof “I’m indifferent” pose, but she was none of that – instead, she was sweet, exceedingly kind and always available.  Bounce had an athletic side, too.  She was a swift runner and outran her champion brother, Beacon, on several occasions, but racing or competition did not hold her interest.  She won one St. Michael’s championship just to prove that she could, but in subsequent races, she left the gate and chased butterflies.  She did not seek the spotlight or the winner’s circle; she was comfortable in her thoughts and her mom’s arms.  Bounce’s most memorable attribute was her love of giving dainty kisses to the neck. Bounce showered everyone with plenty and if you laughed from her tickling tongue, she doled out a higher volume. 

Put simply, Bounce demonstrated love all day, every day.  We love you, little girl, and you will hold our hearts forever.