Promise Braun

April, 2004 – April 14, 2022

In 2004, I took a stray cat in while she was pregnant and as a thank you she had her babies in my bed.   Out of those little kittens came our Promise.   He loved to snuggle, give head butts and sleep.  Promise enjoyed playing with any small random thing he found on the floor.  All of my memories of him are my favorite, from watching him be born and all the life in between!  Promise was notorious for begging for food.  He would use his big mitten paws and pull on the leg of your pants, sometimes pulling them down.  Or he would try and swipe the food right out of your hand as you ate.

Promise is survived by me, his mom, and his dad, Larry; human brother, Eli; canine siblings, Bexley, Itsy and Rambo; and feline sibling, Riley.  He was our “One Eyed Wonder Kitty”!  He was and always will be my Handsome Promise!

  • Angel Braun