Lilly Fisher








International and American Ch. Beldach's Poetic Perry, "Lilly"
          The Modest Rose puts forth a thorn,

          The humble sheep a threat’ning horn;

          While the Lily white shall in love delight,

          Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.

                    ~ William Blake

Many of us have all walked this road before and it is always painful. When I took Lilly to the vet yesterday morning with a very low temperature, I never thought she wouldn't be coming home with me. The original evaluation and blood work left some suspicion of a possible Addisonian crisis so a sample was being sent to an outside lab. Those results were due back today. There were no tick borne issues, no heart murmur and the x-rays did not show any specific tumors - there was nothing suspicious on the x-ray. They had gotten her temp back up to normal and from what I understood she was not anemic. Shortly after noon the decision was made to do further evaluations with a sonogram. The adrenal glands did not show the usual signs indicative for Addison although there was a very slight adenoma. But when they went further and looked at her heart, they found a very large tumor.....there was nothing they or  we could do........Lilly was such a loving girl and of all our dogs, she was one of the ones with the biggest heart. We are devastated and so very sad……….Rest well and run with the bunnies my very dear angel. I will love and miss you forever.