Peyton Sites

Peyton was born in July of 2006 and was returned to Briggs Animal Adoption Center due to his Special Needs of having Addison’s disease at the age of 3. He then lived at Briggs for over a year until I adopted him in August of 2010 and after being introduced, he slowly and skittishly walked up and warmed up to me. During our 10 years together, he had his ups and downs, but always chose the upside of things. You could always find him outside lying in the sun and when he wasn’t outside you could find him lying inside in some sun rays. During his outside walks, he always had to stop and smell the flowers. Naptime was the best time and morning cuddles before work were required. He also enjoyed glamping where he could people watch and walk around for days. He loved playing with his cousins and always tried to tell him he was the boss, even though he was 3 times smaller. Peyton will forever be missed.


  • Matthew Sites


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