Marleigh Makenzey Massie


November 28 – 2006 – November 29, 2019


We adopted Marleigh on February 6, 2007.  I’ll never forget her little head pop up when went to get her.  Adopting her was the best decision of my life.  Her favorite thing to do was EAT – she loved food, car rides and spending time with family, lying in the grass, and meeting new people.  She also loved pillows and blankets.  Although she had no special tricks or belonged to any clubs, she was perfect and made everyone part of her “Happy Club”.  Even though she never officially won any awards or medals, to us and everyone she met, she was able to capture hearts and make friends with everyone.  My favorite memories were her puppy mischief; surviving multiple surgeries; being there for everything for almost 13 years; her wagging tail, little ears and tiny eyelashes.

Marleigh is survived by me, her mom; brothers, Gabrian and Greydon; canine sister, Maezeigh; MomMom, Calotta Johnson; Uncle, DJ Johnson; Aunt, Ashley Hunt.

Marleigh made the world a better place each day she was in it.  She made our lives better.  She will forever be loved and never forgotten!

    - Marleigh’s mom, Carrie Massie