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Adoption place: Denton, TX.

Place of Death: Winchester, VA

Family includes: Mom, Dad, Aunt Karen, brother: Lokie, sister: Busy-bell.

This poor guy was on the street for we don't know how long. We adopted (rescued) him in November 2010.  He was estimated at 1 year old when we got him but he could have been older. We had him in our home, life and hearts for 9 years.  His favorite thing to do was plow through the snow.  He would put his head down and clear a path, he looked like a snow plow.  His favorite toy was yes, by that I mean every toy was his.  His only 'special' trick was shaking hands because that meant a treat.  Otherwise he was content just being in the same room.  One of our most special memories was watching him catch snowflakes.  Oh, how he loved the snow.  He also loved babies, he was fascinated by them and on more than one occasion would find him sleeping near them.  He loved to travel.  Go was his special word.  He would jump up and run to the door and prance extremely impatient.  If we took too long, in his opinion, he would sit by the door with a look of 'you said go so let's go now'.  His other word that would make him act like a puppy was 'scooby snack'.  We had a special place we gave out snacks, he would run then sit and look over his shoulder until we retrieved the snack.  All the family will greatly miss our big boy.  Rest in peace my Taga Taga.