Josie Threadgood






Jul 14, 2010


Feb  5, 2019







Josie was born in Winchester, Virginia and was adopted by her parents from a breeder.  She loved to cuddle and play tug of war with her pit bull brother.  Josie was a member of the American Kennel Club, and the canine country club for bulldogs.  She was a very loved and loving little girl. We will forever miss our baby. Josie would greet us at the door every time we walked in. She wiggled her stubby tail so hard her entire back side would move.

Josie is survived by her family, Jennifer & Brian Huffman, Trevor Voje, Thomas Voje, older brother Brutus Threadgood, older sister Georgie Threadgood, and adopted brother Chance.


I love you my baby girl ❤
RIP little girl ❤️