Ginger Davis

Ginger was about 8 years old when she came to us.  We had taken our other Dogs to the groomer and the groomer had this cute little girl needing a forever home; it was an immediate bond and she came home with us.  We had Ginger about 8 years; it is believed she was a little less than a year old when she came into our home.  Not sure of her birthdate, however she died Saturday January 18, 2020 at her home with her loving family around and she on her dog bed in front of the fireplace, where she often found comfort.

Ginger was the guard of the property, often letting us know if anyone was at the door and if a deer or other fury woodland creature had entered her space.   She kept her yard free of squirrels; Ginger liked to hunt and bring me her prize catch.   She was always at my side for home projects, landscaping, gardening and plumbing projects.  Often I would be working on something sure that I had bought the correct fitting and could not find it, only to find it in her bed or at my side gnawing on it.   Ginger loved us all and would give a huge greeting as soon as we pulled up to the house - her bark that was exclusively dedicated to us was a high pitch wine that was heard thru out the neighborhood!

Gene, Mitchell and I miss her greatly.  Ginger is survived by her parents and her siblings, Jack, and Fritz.  Her sibling, Scottie, passed a couple years back and was taken care of by All Pets, in a loving and caring way.

Rick Davis


Ginger gave a lot of warmth and love into our home, she’s cross the rainbow and she is now at peace smiling and running and catching all the squirrels