Sebastian Burchfield-Cosgrove

Sebastian Charles popped his head over the parking garage wall June 2004 and joined our family 6 months later.  His sweet demeanor betrayed his size; Sebastian was a gentle giant.  Always up for a chin rub, he would tap you on the shoulder when he wanted attention.  Sebastian, however, was not a lap cat. He sat near you, next to you, or on the chair back, but never on you, unless of course you were asleep in bed. He wanted to keep his affection quiet and low key.  If you awoke and he found out about it, he would promptly change venue just so you wouldn’t get the opinion that he was attached to you and enjoyed your company.

In addition to being our companion, there were a couple of activities that he really enjoyed. Sebastian loved to chase light; laser toys, disco balls, flashlights all got him up and going. His favorite was the reflection of his daddy Steve’s watch in the sun making many light clusters he could chase.  Although it had been a few years, daddy Steve remembered the activity and so did Sebastian. As recently as a month ago, he noticed there were light clusters gleaming around the living, causing him to run around like a crazy cat to get them.  Sebastian also loved baseball, especially Vin Scully and the LA Dodgers.  He spent many afternoons sitting in the recliner fixated on the TV while Vin called a Dodgers game.  For many years, when he heard that voice, he knew it was time for Dodger baseball and came running no matter where he was in the house.

Sebastian was the house ambassador and would let us know when stray kitties stopped by for a meal.  He was attentive to the needs of his people and feline friends.  He was a much loved member of our family.

We had looked forward to many more years with Sebastian.  But, unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away January 23, 2020.  We would like to thank everyone who helped us along that journey with him, especially Gail Hartman, DVM at Warren County Veterinary Clinic, and Danielle Lewis, DVM at The Life Center in Leesburg.

Sebastian is survived by his people, Kevin Burchfield and Steve Cosgrove, and his feline companions Kitt Katt, Osk, Sabrina, and Otis. Rest well our dear Sebastian. Always remember, Subby, it’s time for Dodger baseball.