Travis Lutz

10/3/2003 – 8/31/2019

BIF, UGRCH, UR03, UACH, UCD, Windryder’s Americade CruiserCD, MC, FCH, RE, BN, AX, AJP, OAP, OAJ, CGC, TT, AV

Travis was from our 1st litter.   I knew he’d be my agility dog when he demonstrated getting out of the whelping box and then later a partially covered high ex-pen at 6 weeks.  He loved soft, squeaky toys.  He was a joy to live with & he made us laugh at his agility & rally mistakes.  He’d often bark at me to hurry up in agility.  He loved to lure course and his Best in Field was an ASFA trial.  He earned too many awards to list here; but the AV is the American Whippet Club’s Award of Versatility for all his titles.