Truffle Stutz










Gefleckte Schokoladen Trueffel (a.k.a. ‘Truffle’, Trufflewufflelufugus, or Truffie) Stutz

17 January 2002 - 10 February 2020

Truffle turned 18 years old last month!!

On a quick trip to Clinton, MD there was a very tiny and cute Chocolate and Tan spotted Short-haired Dachshund Puppy with green eyes that stole and captured my heart.  He came home with us that very day, 3 April 2002.   His canine parents were Sire – Fantasy’s Digger Von Weenie and Dam – Karla’s Wenchie Pookins.

Truffle loved veggies & fruit (especially, Cucumbers and Bananas) and he definitely loved pizza crusts.  Truffle’s special trick in his younger days was to sit-up on his hind end for treats.  Also, he used to love to dance with his brother Bear Taylor.  Both of them would stand on their back legs and dance in circles.   Also, Truffle loved giving all of his family members a good face wash.  I like to think it was his way of giving them a kiss and a hug to show them how much he loved them.    

Truffle was very athletic and he loved to do Agility.  He would do the weave poles, the tunnels, the teeter totter, the A-Frame, all jumps, and any obstacles presented to him.  He was in his glory doing agility and he loved and absorbed all praise that was given to him.    Because of the Agility classes, Truffle was one of the most attentive 4-legged children I’ve had.  He was always aware of where I was and what I was doing.  I could let him out without a leash on.  He was the most faithful and loyal companion.  Also, I loved the way he would turn his head dipping it down to the right like he was trying very hard to understand what I was saying to him and I like to believe that he really did understand everything I was saying to him.  Another characteristic that Truffle had was that his left ear would stand straight up at various times even though his ears were not upright.  I believe this was something he would do when he was content, lying in the sun on the deck, or absorbing the sun rays coming in the front door.         

Truffle was diagnosed with Kidney Failure in December 2019.  He tried very hard to stay with us as long as he could.  He was stoic and an extremely brave pup his entire life.  We loved him very, very much and we will miss him very, very much!!

Truffle crossed the Rainbow Bridge at his home in Waterford, VA surrounded by family and friends.  He is survived by me, his human mom; Sisters: Meggi & Schatzi Stutz; and Brother: Bear Taylor.  Truffle was predeceased by his Sister, Dharma Stutz and his Brothers; Sambuca, Slater, Cooper, & Skiter Stutz.

  • Liz Stutz