Bree Barry Roxbury


12/28/2006 – 2/23/2021


I pup-napped Bree from my mom; she had her a few weeks when I snuck her upstairs to my room.  She loved to be by my side. 

Bree enjoyed going to tea parties with her friends.   She loved playing with whatever her friends, Sash and Petey, were playing with.  Bree got her “Cain Good Citizen” award at a young age. 

Bree blew kisses; she was always licking her nose and would blow kisses.  Bree always wanted to please; she never got into trouble.  Bree was always a very good girl.  I called her Breezy because she was such a breeze to take care of.  She was very smart.  Bree will forever be loved and missed.

Bree is survived by me, her mom and her dad, Jason; as well as Elyssa and Lara.

  • Marcea Roxbury


Rest In Peace Bree you’ve always made me smile