Officer Max

Passed January 8, 2012

Patrol K-9 Max passed away of natural causes on Sunday January 8, 2011 at his home in Bloomery WV.
Max was an 11-year old Belgian Malinois who began his career with the Frederick County Sheriffs' Office in November 2003.
Max was certified in narcotics, tracking and bite-work.
His hard work and dedication was demonstrated daily.
Max like so many service dogs are the humble heroes of law enforcement.
His skills led to numerous apprehensions and drug related arrests.
Max was always ready to begin his shift each day, barking whenever the blue lights went on.
He was not only a dedicated employee but a good listener and wonderful friend.
Max is survived by his beloved partner Frederick County Deputy John K. Pyles.
The Silent Car”
We were placed together for a good cause,
You were my partner, who had four dirty paws.
Training together we learned from our mistakes.
You matured so quickly with dignity and grace.
You were always so proud to stand by my side,
In the heat of the battle you wanted outside.
Not for the glory but to protect me from harm,
For you were my friend who was happiest under my arm.
Speeding to calls with sirens loud,
Your bark could be heard, dignified and proud.
So pleased to have helped me with each case,
Your greatest reward was the look on my face.
For we have been through so much these years,
Now I must work to fight back the tears.
The day comes when I must work alone,
Knowing you won't be there when I return.
The silence in the car so sad,
I start to remember those days we had.
But we will again ride together some day.
So until then, it's at God's home you'll stay.
Goodbye my friend.