Kacie Lou Good















Kacie Lou was adopted from the Page County Animal Shelter on April 26, 2008.  She was approximately one year old.  Kacie Lou enjoyed eating snacks, visits with Grannygrams and Grandpappy and eating their snacks, eating her feline brother and sisters' snacks, eating snow, eating the waves at the beach.   Kacie Lou loved to eat and then nap after eating.  When not eating she would play with her favorite toys, grunty hedgehogs and squeaky pigs.  Kacie Lou could “sit pretty” and twirl “around”.   In 2010 she won a costume contest dressed as a chicken.

Kacie Lou crossed the Bridge at home in her bed in my arms on January 13, 2020; after 12 wonderful years with me.  She is survived by me, Renee Good, her Mommy; Hope, her Australian Shepherd sister; Cheetah, Tuxie, and Chewy, her feline siblings.  Kacie Lou’s extended family includes Charles and Tracy Good, her Grannygrams and Grandpappy; Dustin and Megan Skinner, her uncle and auntie; Colson Skinner, her human cousin; and Ralphie, her Newfoundland mix cousin.  She was preceded in death by Spanner, her American Bulldog mix brother; and Mooch, her feline brother. 

Up until the last few months of her life, Kacie would always come to greet me when I came home with a happy puppy smile and wagging helicopter tail. No matter what I was feeling or how hard of a time I was having, she could always brighten my day.  Kacie was my sunshine, through the good times and through the bad times.  She was that once in a lifetime kind of dog - an impulse adoption that was, hands down, the best decision I ever made.  She picked me.  She rescued me.  She was my therapist and shoulder to cry on through the passing of my Grandaddy, two bad breakups, and a rocky career.  She was my dance partner in the happy times, always ready to celebrate even the smallest victories.  She was so in tune to my emotions.  She was one in a million.  She was my baby.  My heart dog.  My sunshine.

  • Renee Good