Puddin Kerns


aka “Puddie” - the life of a special little 4 legged girl (dog)

Puddin, a black corgi and beagle mix, was born between Sept 14th and 16th, 2005 in Stuart, VA.  Since the family did not know her exact birthday, Puddin was celebrated all 3 days, the 14th, 15th & 16th, every year!

A rescue, she joined Mackie Kerns, Judy Snyder and their families on December 11th, 2005.  Puddie met Mr. Kerns, JJ and Davy, 3 cats in the household.  She later learned Mr. Kerns, a tuxedo cat, was her half- brother, since they were both Mackie’s babies.

Puddie was very athletic and loved to fetch and hang onto sticks. She raced around her yard and chased and greeted anyone who walked down the street or entered her home. She helped with chores, taking out the garbage, recycled goods & watched the yard while Christmas decorations or other seasonal jobs were done. 

She loved to ride in the car, traveling all over VA, to Ocean City, MD and Virginia Beach, VA.  She was eager to visit Winchester City Hall and paid her tags on time. She was rewarded with a Milk bone there and at the bank.

Puddie acquired CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) , in June, 2019 and started several prescriptions.  Through it all, she took her medicine, worked with Mommee, the veterinary staff, and was a joy.

Puddie passed away in the early minutes of January 1, 2020, leaving behind bereaved family and friends.  Her memory will live on via the activities and fun times she shared during her fourteen years.

To support the memory of this precious girl, please encourage anyone considering to adopt, to visit a shelter.   The Love that awaits is truly a blessing, just like Puddin!

Sometimes it takes a while to grow an old friend…. but Praise the Lord for the love and joy!

  • Puddins mom, Mackie Kerns