Lily Harry-Della Badia










RATCH Kelview’s Black Ice V. Mueller, CD, OA,OAJ, NTK, TDI RATCHX

(AKA Lily)

December 2, 2009 –June 29, 2018

My sweet Lily who was named after the first Macy patrol Doberman; who was brought to New York City to roam the store at night. She caught many burglars and just like the original Lily you loved to hunt and catch critters. I am not sure that wasn’t a behavior taught to you by your beloved predecessor, Satin. Nonetheless, you were good at it. I love you dearly and you taught me many things in the Canine World. You would do everything I asked because you loved me unconditionally whether it was obedience, rally, ratting or agility but if I only would have let you do scent work first! You loved it so much. You told me over and over but I never saw it until the last three years.  What a great box smasher you were in class and practice.

I will miss you on the paddleboard and walks on the beach at sunrise with the ghost crabs. You terrorized them during the morning and evening walks on the beach.  Can’t forget the Cat alerts on those walks, or anything that moves.

Most of all, every time we celebrated a Q , a victory or a special moment the face licking would begin and was always a treat for you and me. 

You were good at escaping from your crate at dog shows, especially at the Doberman Nationals. When I heard “Loose Dobie” I knew it was you.  Letting Satin, Stella and Diamond (Sally’s Dobermans) out of their crates in the hotel room at the nationals and especially letting Satin eat Sally’s loaves of bread was one of you favorite tricks. And you could spot a Westie a mile away and think it was Deb Jackson with Reo, always happy to see them. I am very thankful for Chris Bevillard’s Hudson who spent time with you and how you taught him how to track and eliminate GHs. Oh how you, Lily, loved hanging out with Chris and her doggies. Especially how you could beg from Chris and come up with some good snacks.

Lily came to us from Roxanne and Wayne Miller, they thought she was too wild and worried about placing her. She was just right for us.

Run free Miss Lily, I’m sure you know we will always love you.

Lily is survived by David and Shirley, sister ZeZe and special friends Hudson who is owned by Chris Bevillard and secret admirer Trouble.


I’m so sorry for your loss. Your tribute is wonderful. May memories bring you both peace.
Don and I were so shocked to hear about Lily and YES, she loved nosework. I remember her watching the dogs through the Loading Dock flaps when you did obedience. LOL She wanted to know what they were doing!! It looked like fun to her and when she started nose work... she was LIT!! A very determined girl who wagged her nub when she knew she HAD it. I loved how calm she was in her crate waiting her turn and tolerating that young dobe next to her screaming for her turn. Lily was rock solid. May she visit you and Dave often in your dreams with big dobie kisses. Hugs
I am so sorry you had to leave so soon. I didn’t know you as well as thouse who went before, but I know you were a very special little girl who was treasured as only Shirley and Dave can. Run Free and know that Jordi is waiting to show you around.
I am so very sorry about Lily. She was such a great girl...I know you will miss her so much.
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Lilly. She was a sweet and special dobie. Sunshine will miss running around with her and Ze Ze at the farm.
Oh sweet Lilly, who I will eternally remember as the little puppy in her adorable winter coat up on her tippy toes trying to be taller than adult cattle dog Simon. Yes Lilly, you can be the boss. Always.
I've been wondering how I was going to stop crying to write about you Lily... I love you so much. Hudson is going to be looking for you as you were his GH mentor. I will miss your soulful eyes saying please, just one more piece of cheese, steak, well anything I had you wanted. I couldn't resist your charm. One of the smartest Dobermans I've ever met. You will be missed so much. Shirley and Dave were so lucky.. so was Hudson and all my dogs. Zeze has some big paws to fill.
So many things you did with your family, Lily, and how you all figured out how much you loved your rat chasing, dock diving and just being you. I will miss all the stories, and certainly, didn't expect to lose them so soon, but I know you're on a hunting mission somewhere, or trying to outdo Satin at something now. So until then, I'll just keep thinking of you all and smile. My sympathy to your family.
My heart is broken for you. It's a tragic loss indeed to say goodbye to such a sweet girl far too young. I trust she and Jinn are finding lots of rats at the bridge, there has to be Barn Hunt there and the tunnels are optional <3 Biggest hugs.
I'm so sorry for the sadness you are suffering from the loss of your very special girl, Lily.
I know how much Lily meant to you. I am deeply sorry for your loss. May her loving memories comfort you at this trying time.
Shirley, I’m sorry and sad to hear that you have lost Lilly. I can only imagine how you may feel. Remember the good times and know that she is always with you and Dave.
I was just crushed to here Lilly was taken from Shirley and Dave so soon..My heart breaks for you both..I only hope ZeZe fills some of that void..
Shirley and Dave, my heart aches for both of you. Lily was surely special to both of you. Part of your heart will always miss her. Thinking of you .....
Shirley and Dave, We are so very saddened to hear of Lily's passing. She was a beautiful girl inside and out. You and Dave are in our thoughts at this difficult time. Love, Leah, Scott, Tye, Zarra & Mesa (the red headed terror)
Aunt Shirley and Uncle Dave and zeze I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am for the loss of Lily I know that was a hard shock for you cuz it shocked us .lily was a joy to follow on fb what a great dog she seemed to have a personality of her. Own and I have really enjoyed all the Facebook pictures, and post about her big hugs for Ze Ze I know she's feeling it too Aunt Shirley and Uncle Dave ever since I was a small child you've always had Dobermans and you've always loved and cared for them . and it showed in each one. Thank you for sharing their lives with us I love you Aunt Shirley and Uncle Dave and I look forward to watching Ze Ze on Facebook as she will grow into a champ like her sister.
When this horrible news came up on my FB page I went into shock and disbelief mode. I spent time crying and I felt sick all day. Lily was everything a Dobe should be- beautiful, smart, intense, elegant, driven and showed the utmost in willingness and enjoyment in everything Shirley asked her to do.Shirley and I liked to say that Lily was the Queen and Trouble was the serf. Trouble so loved to run and play with her and ZeZe at Spring Cove after Barn Hunt. He could only strive to match her style. Shirley and Dave, my heart is broken for you.Fly free, sweet Lily, and know that you are missed.
Oh my goodness, its seems like just a few short years ago I was at Roxann’s with Pat Budd .We had recently attended a Pat Hasting seminar about evaluating puppies at 8 weeks for conformation.. We were evaluating The litter unto which Lily was born.. Lily was so patient as we measured and examined her.. Sweet Lily was “THE PUPPY “ of that litter that best measured up to Pat Hastings guidellines for selecting a breed and working show puppy. She was so precious , I wondered who the lucky person would be to get her..Roxann said Shirley Harry would get her..Shirley would give her the best home and provide her lots of love, attention, training ,exercise and mental stimulation , with obedience , agility and so much more.! I remember that Doberman National, it was rainy , chilly ,we went to the ring to see Shirley and Lily do their test., we heard “ loose dog” we saw this black dobe run past us, toward the judges table and went flying past them , then we saw Shirley walking towards us, she said Lily got loose ..What an awesome team , Lily and Shirley ! Through the Years since then Roxann would beam with joy as she spoke of Shirley’s accomplishments and activities with Satin and Lily.. How loving Lily was of Shirley to stay strong enough to earn her RATChX ! Just one week before crossing the rainbow bridge... Lily will be sadly missed but never forgotten ....
OH Shirley, this is such a beautiful tribute to Lilly. She was amazing! I know how special she was to you, as all of your dog's have been. You give so much love, and know how to handle the differences in your dog's. You've always given them what they love best. Lilly will always live in your heart. It's never easy to lose them. She was taken from you with no clue that this was going to happen. She must have had some important work to do on the other side, to be called back. I hope your young girl helps you to move forward, and the memories that will always be with you of your adventures with Lilly, will help bring smiles, as your heart begins to heal. Hugs, and love to you!
I am so sorry for your tremendous loss, Shirley and Dave. So sudden and so sad. Please know that I am thinking about you as you grieve the loss of your beloved Lily.
Shirley and Dave, I just cannot begin to tell you how heart-broken I am for you. Miss Lily was so very special. I will always remember the good time we had at the Dobe National last year with all our dogs at the campground. Ed and I could not walk Teller or LuLu without Miss Lily making it known that she wanted to go also. We will miss you, Miss Lily.
Blanket sucking, licker of dog show judges faces, Lily, I am glad that I was able to spend time with you and your family before you were called away. Satin must have needed some company. Now Zeze will have to keep the blanket sucking tradition going on her own and get into trouble all by herself. There will not be any question about "Who did this"! Truly we wish that were not the case.
Shirley & Dave, I have had a hard time writing this, because I keep hoping I will wake up from this nightmare. I am truly sorry for Lilly's passing and your loss. It is a devastating loss of one of the most special girls I have ever known. I remember the day I set Shirley up to talk to Colleen about buying Lilly. We were at the Kitty Litter agility show and it was snowing. I had Lilly's older sister, Stella, who was 7 months old and already looking very promising. I knew Shirley would be a great home for a fantastic working dog in the making. What a match that turned out to be. Lilly and Stella look like twins. They are both GOLD MEDALISTS when it comes to face licking. Lilly was a superstar. I loved watching her find those rats. I saw her from the beginning and loved how she progressed to be an outstanding Ratter. I will never forget the 2012 National. Tag Team Lilly and Satin. Lilly let Satin out and Satin demolished the homemade Cinnamon bread. Great memories. I feel your loss and pain, and cry your tears. I will never forget our girl, Lilly. She was a true Doberman, and such a versatile girl who would try anything you asked of her. My heart is broken.