Muffin Yang

June 20, 2006 - July 9, 2018

We got Muffin for our dad when he had a heart attack. Then he came to live with us when dad became too old to care for him.  We had Muffin for more than 10 years and what a blessing he was to us!

Muffin enjoyed car rides and barking at the cat.  He also liked to cuddle with us.  Muffin loved his squeaky pig toy.  Although we did not approve, he also liked to get into the “closed” garbage can.

Muffin is survived by his human parents, Len and Janet; human siblings, Adam, Benton and Lauren; and his adopted canine brother, Einstein.

Our favorite memory of Muffin is taking him and Einstein to the beach, when they were much younger.  Muffin was deeply loved by his family and will be forever missed.

The Yang Family