Spade Woolf


January 1, 2000 –

June 28, 2019


Spade spent his first 3 years in foster care; until Randy and Kathy saw him at a pet adoption event.  He then made a home in their hearts and in their house.  Spade on his first night home, slept on the dining room table.  He once took a whole plate of fresh cookies from the counter and ate all of them.  Spade, also, ate a half box of SOS pads.  BOYS!   He enjoyed patrolling “his” yard, chase rabbits, and eat (anything and everything).  Up until he was about 16 years, Spade could jump fences less than 4 feet high.

Spade love hanging out with his family and his “harem” of cats.  He had beautiful blue eyes.  Spade will be greatly missed and remembered with love.