Miss Kitty Boyer

2003 - 2021

Kitty was found by a dumpster as a very small kitten in Bremerton, Washington in 2003.  She was always a good cat.  Kitty grew up with my daughter, Hailey.  As a young cat she was full of mischief; Kitty loved to play outside, climb up to the roof, and make me get her down.   She always brought home presents such as baby mole's, mice, birds etc.  As an old lady, Kitty would bring baby rabbits home, plop them in front of the back door or the refrigerator, all while waiting for her praise.  Kitty has been with me my entire adult life and I will forever miss her. She was a spry, mischievous young Kitty and a sweet loving old lady.  She was there for me through everything, always my friend to confide in and cuddle when I needed it.  I will forever miss you sweet girl. And will always love you. Goodbye my sweet baby.

  • Melissa Boyer