Ally Phillips

Ally was born October 23, 2009 in Scotia, Nebraska.  We had recently lost our first child, Madison, and thought looking at all the kids would help.  We saw these two playing and that was it.  Ally was a little laid back and Bella strove for attention, but we couldn’t take one without the other.  They were inseparable, even in their mischievousness!

Ally loved to bark at everything!  We have donkeys and cattle next door; it was her mission every day to wake them up and make sure they knew she was there.  She loved to chase her sister when they played.  However, Ally was adventurous too; she was visiting her aunt and uncle in Florida when she got into a discussion with a water moccasin.  Her poor lip was so swollen; it had to be shaved to see the full extent of damage.  Ally was taken care of and lived to chase again.  It didn’t deter her adventurousness at all.

For Christmas Ally and her sister always received a basket of new toys and blankets.  This past year she picked out a snowman with squeakers, Ally loved it dearly.  It would go to bed with her and it is with her even now, as well as her favorite blanket.

Ally was always waiting at the door, wanting a scratch.  Every day brings memories of her that would go forever.  She had the most quizzing eyes, wanting to understand everything.  Ally was a great lounging companion, always wanting to lay on the couch with you.  We love her so very much and miss her every day.  May God bless and keep you, sweet girl!

Ally crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 2, 2017 in Winchester, VA.

~ Phillips Family


I know it very hard losing a Pet. Might heart goes out to you and Phil. Love you two.
We all loved Ally and will miss her greatly. This was so beautifully written and so true of her!
I'm so very sorry. She's amazing.
Cherishing all the memories of my little fur niece. Ally chasing Bella with "encouraging" barks, who chases the ball 3 times bigger than both of them. The cuddles on the sofa .. will be missed.