‘Cooper’ Connor Howe Stutz

15 June 2004 - 3 June 2019

Cooper was born at Betty’s Mountain Views Dachshunds in Front Royal, VA.  He was Sired by Betty’s Creamy Frosting and Dam by Mini Short-Bred Sandie.

We adopted Cooper in 2007 from Amy & Nikki; and he was the heart of our family for 12 years.  Cooper loved his stuffed toys.  He really got excited when his stuffed toys were thrown so he could retrieve them and bring them back to you.  He did not want to stop, but due to his illness we couldn’t do this as often as he would have liked.   Additionally, he loved wrestling with the person and the toy that the person was throwing for him.  And, he loved playing with his sister Schatzi.  Cooper loved pizza crusts and vegetables (especially, Green Beans & baby carrots).  Recently, his favorite toys were his stuffed Hedge Hogs.  He liked stuffed animals that fit in his mouth so he could use them like a pacifier when he wasn’t playing with them.   His special trick was to sit-up on his hind end.

Cooper was very sweet and kind to everyone he met, human and 4-legged.  He especially loved children.  My fondest memories will be that he was always by my side or as close as he could get to me when he was with me.  I’d be working around the house and he’d be following me.  Or, I’d be working in the yard and I’d look around for all of the fuzzy 4-legged children, they’d all be in the house and the only one there by my side would be Cooper.  He was a very faithful and loyal companion. 

Cooper was diagnosed with Advanced Degenerative Valvular Disease in 2016.  He fought a very long and difficult battle to stay with us as long as he could.  He was an extremely brave dog.  We loved him very, very much and we will miss him very, very much!!

Cooper crossed the Rainbow Bridge at his home in Waterford, VA surrounded by his loving family.  He is survived by his human Mom, Liz Stutz; Brothers, Truffle and Skiter; Sisters, Meggi and Schatzi.  Cooper was predeceased by Sister, Dharma and Brothers, Sambuca and Slater.

~ His mommy, Liz