KittKatt Cosgrove-Burchfield

Our cherished KittKatt passed away peacefully following a period of illness, on Tuesday June 9, 2020.  Kitt was 20 years old.

 Kitt came to us on Feb. 14 2002 after an afternoon of bar-hopping in Hollywood. Kitt was not doing the bar hopping, but daddy Steve was, and had forgotten his keys. Upon arrival at home, while waiting for Kevin to come down to let him in, Kitt stepped out from a under a car, up daddy Steve's leg and into his arms, and into our lives, where she would remain for the next 19 years.

 She was purring loudly, and drooling and was just so happy to have found her people. And it was quite mutual.  We named her Kitt after the actress Eartha Kitt who played Catwoman on the original Batman TV show, because of her purring ability.

 Kitt made fast friends with everyone in the house and would enjoy laps, snuggling in bed as well as the company of the other members of our feline family. She was especially close with Mani and Sebastian, who both passed on before her. We think Kitt was of the Catholic faith. Every Sunday she would watch with fascination, the broadcast of the Mass from Notre Dame in Indiana, and she would make the "stations of the cross", stopping at each food bowl to see if someone got a better deal that she did. She was quite the busybody in the house, and had to know who was doing what at all times.

 Our home has really become empty without her presence, because there has not really ever been  a time when Kitt was not with us. We are exceptionally grateful for having shared this long and special life with her and will always cherish her memory.

- Steve Cosgrove and Kevin Burchfield
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