Mokie Smith-Pressley







May, 2006 - June 16, 2020







Born in Charlestown, WV, Carolyn Smith adopted Mokie and her daughter, Tiffany Smith, adopted Mokie's brother, Elvis, as little puppies.  She loved to hide chew sticks in her bed, sit up straight on the couch, belly-crawl (sneak) across the floor, and beg for snacks.  Mokie’s favorite toy was her little rubber pig, which looked like her.  When she was begging for something, in order to enhance cuteness and increase chances of getting her way, Mokie would sit on her back legs and put her paws up, like a meerkat.  We have so many wonderful memories of her, but a notable memory was the way she greeted you by squinting and crying and snorting like a pig.

Mokie passed on Tuesday evening at her home in Berryville, VA; surrounded by her family.  She is survived by Tiffany Pressley, Donald Pressley, Andrew Lawrence, Amanda Williams, and Heather Pressley.  Mokie was preceded in death by her late brother Elvis and mom, Carolyn Smith.

Mokie is now reunited with her human, Carolyn Smith, our beloved grandmother who passed away in 2013.


I never met Mokie in person, but my friend would often send me pictures of Mokie to cheer me up. I loved seeing pictures of her, she always looked so cute. She had a wonderful life. I'm sure of it.
I only met her once but the experience was like meeting a celebrity. She left an impression on everyone lucky enough to meet her. I loved getting pictures of her and videos of her antics. She was a special girl and she will be as greatly missed as she is loved. My heart goes out to her family and I’m so sorry for you all’s loss.