Gavin Gallagher

4/3/19 - 6/5/22

Place of birth- Winchester

Place of death- Winchester, VA

Family- Mom, Adele and sister, Madison

How he came into our lives- a friends neighborhood cat had kittens, and from the moment we saw him, we knew he was supposed to come home with us!

Favorite thing to do- lay in the sun on the window sill, run around the house at full speed, and sleep on mom’s chest!

Favorite toy- he loved his cat tree and his pancake pillow!

Special trick- he knew how to open any door and he even knew how to pee on the potty!

Favorite memories- Gavin loved making sure his family was taken care of, especially bad days, he could sense sadness. Gavin understood my words and came running when I told him it was bedtime. When I would give him treats, he would be very gentle when taking the treat from my hand to be sure not to scratch me.

Anything else- Gavin was so loved in his 3 short years. In addition to his mom and sister, he so loved his human cousins, Alan and Brody

- Adele Gallagher


Gavin was very loved and will be missed by all of us. I have never seen a smarter cat and I loved playing with our beloved "Dangie." He was very lucky to have you as his mommy.