Amy Hilderbrand











Our second beloved pet's name was Amy.  She, along with her sister Gracie, was found on the beach in Panama City, Florida.  According to the vet, she had to have been born sometime around Hurricane Ivan, so Judy gave the dogs the birthday of August 11, 2004. Her sister, Gracie, passed away on June 07, 2017. In the picture, Amy is on the left and Gracie is on the right. 

Amy left us on February 19, 2018 in Winchester, Virginia. She was 13 years, 6 months old.

One of my many memories of Amy was her way she agitated Gracie, Judy and I. On medicine day, she would pretend to take her pills only to cough it back and hide it in a corner of a room.  Once, I was playing with her when she head-butted me and drove my glasses into my nose.  This led to cutting my nose.  Also, Amy would wait for me at the front door when it was time for me to arrive home each day.     

Amy was the runt of the litter.  She always followed her sister, Gracie, outside and always waited for Gracie to come inside first.  

GOD brought us these two dogs to save our lives, to mend our health, and they did a wonderful job.

Amy was more than a pet.  Yes, she was spoiled, smart, well behaved and an excellent watch dog. Amy was a life companion, a great friend, a great dog and she will be greatly missed.

It is true that Dogs are Man's best friend.