Peaches Apricot Lilac Moon Youngblood

Peaches was born in Sperryville, VA on June 28, 2003.  He came from a Shar-Pei breeder who needed to find a special home for a 4 -month old special boy who had been abused by a former owner.  Peaches came to me when I called him and that was how we became a family.

Peaches loved to run and go for hikes.  His favorite thing had been our weekend hikes to nearby parks; he especially liked Cacapon State and Clearbrook parks.   Peaches also loved his stuffed animals with squeakers - his favorite when he was a pup was his sheep toy.

My favorite memory is a game Peaches devised walking next to a corn field.  He had great fun running through the rows to come out and find me and then going back in behind me to come out ahead, running circles the whole time.  He was a smart dog.  Peaches was also the peacemaker; he got along with other dogs and was always able to keep everyone calm.

Peaches was what kept our household running.  His brother Luna was always a tag-a-long to him and misses him so much.  Peaches loved to be active and out and about.  And we miss him with all our hearts.

Peaches crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 14, 2018 in Winchester, VA.  He is survived by his moms, Kathleen Youngblood and Diane Walker; his human sister, Amber Magel; and a canine brother Luna Youngblood/Walker.

~ Kathleen Youngblood


So sorry, sending love...
Did I meet him?
So very sorry for your loss. Peaches was very special and so well-loved. He will be missed.