Petey Boy Roxbury

March 9, 2004 – March 4, 2018

I got Petey after his litter mate, which I originally got, passed away.  I went back to my breeder to drop off some puppy stuff.  Her entire litter and all her pups got ecoli.  Petey was the only one to survive.  Maryanne gave me Petey, he needed a home with someone who would take care of him; he was really sickly.  He was in and out of the vet every few months until he was about 8 years old, when we found out he had a very bad food allergy, very bad knees and disc disease.  He was a fighter and would protect me with his life if he could.  He was much loved and very missed.

Petey loved to snuggle and play ball, especially with his wubblie – a basketball.  He didn’t know any tricks, he was the trick!  Petey was the Kiser Soza!

We were going to Florida on vacation and he barked at all the trucks, I kept telling him I was going to feed him to a shark if he kept barking.  We stopped at a tourist trap to get out and stretch our legs.  I was carrying Petey and we saw a huge shark hanging from the ceiling and I heard a gasp and he put his paws out to stop me.  I told Petey that was a shark and he didn’t bark the rest of the trip. 

Another time I was walking Petey and he stopped, and then would move; I couldn’t get him to walk.  I tried to call him to walk and he wouldn’t move.  I finally figured out what was going on, there were fallen leaves everywhere – he is afraid of the leaves, he would not walk on them.  He just looked at one and trying to be brave, although he was so upset that he walked into a leaf pile.  I picked him up and kissed his nose.

Petey was a very special lil guy.  Anyone who met him fell in love with him. Petey was the runt and no one thought he would live very long; he surprised us all.  He was such a fighter.

Petey is survived by me, his mom, Marcea; as well as Bree, Barry, Grandma Judy, Sister, Elyssa and Jason Roxbury.


He was the sweetest puppy, when he was just a pup, he would hide under the bed and drive Sasha crazy, I know he giggled, he was a jokester, I will miss him..
So sorry for your loss. Papa is a very busy man in heaven taking care of all our fur babies.