Kaleb OdisOdysseus Bailey Shadow Hutchison

5-12-2009 to 3-8-2019 10yr

KLove Wuvyman Odie 

Went by & knew all his names & nicknames.

Knew how to come, fetch, stay, swim, shake paw, 

When it came to snow his was a little bulldozer. He would eat it & plow right there 2ft of snow. He would flop down & roll on his back.

Kaleb loved to swim in the river.

He loved to play fetch with his favorite blue ball. It was once a squeaker bouncy ball, but Kaleb would gnaw on it till it became a raddle bouncy ball. Every time I'd fix it into a squeak he worked to turn it back.

He used to lick Khepers head so much, we never knew why.

Once when he was a pup, he caught his reflection in the oven door, barked & scared himself.

Wasn't any food he wouldn't eat he was like a garbage disposal. Well anything but fish he wouldn't eat any type of fish.

Kaleb always had his pal Kahlua by his side; ever since day one.

He tolerated my boys, though he was here 1st. They would try & play; he was always a good sport & let them do whatever.

Kaleb was a protector.  His bark & growl were bigger than him. Never bit. So his bark was worse than his bite. 

He was also a persistent protector. He wouldn't stop nuzzling under my neck. Told my doctor how I was feeling & how my dog was acting, test were done & it was cancer. He knew before we all did. I went into remission & then he started to act lethargic.  Did test on Kaleb & found out he had Cushing's disease. He was given less than a year in 2017.

Kaleb passed 2yrs later due to complications due to his body losing the fight to Cushing.

He was loved very much.

He is now watching over us with Kheper, Diynnah, Morgana, Heckle & Jekyll, Lucy & Jaggs.