Bear Bear Campbell










Bear Bear came into the Campbell family from Frederick County Animal Shelter on June 11, 2011.   He instantly knew he belonged to them; for his love was forever felt!

Bear Bear loved riding with his daddy to go check the school; he would wait for his daddy to open his office door so he could go in.  Bear Bear loved working beside his dad.

In his spare time, Bear Bear enjoyed cuddling up in his own blanket.  And when a treat became available, he would stand up and dance for it.  Bear Bear loved bath time with Arthur, his brother.  He and Arthur had a special bond.  Bear Bear enjoyed pleasing his family and seeing their happiness, it made him especially happy!

Bear Bear crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 2, 2020; after being with the Campbell family for 9 years.  He is survived by his parents, David and Donna; and a human brother, Arthur.  He was preceded by his canine siblings, Ginger (11/2014) and Harley (11/2018).

Donna says, “We love you so much and we know you are at peace.  You brought so much love to our home.  Bear, my love, for you will never leave our hearts.  I knew the day I picked you out of all the adoptees at the shelter.  Mommy, daddy and Arthur loves you Bear Bear!”

Arthur commented that, “His name fit him perfectly, because he had one of the biggest personalities of any dog I’ve ever met.  This made him more of a friend than a pet, and he will be missed deeply.”