Reilly Lane

4/18/2010 – 3/22/2020

Reilly came to the Lane family through an “available” photo listing online by a Michigan Pomeranian breeder, Charlotte Meyer.   They fell in love sight unseen!

Reilly enjoyed life; going for rides, chewing his raw hides and just being with his family.  He liked to perform his tricks; Reilly knew how to “heel”, “get around”, “come front”, rollover, and shake hands. 

Reilly was awarded as a therapy dog for well over 50 visits to Winchester’s Handley Library and Bowman Library in Stephens City.  His job to attentively listen to little kids read to him.

Reilly loved to sit with one of his arms resting on any kind of an armrest that he was close to and could use.  He loved to chase cards from the top of our retaining wall and had such a perky bounce to his gait.  Reilly loved everyone he met.

He crossed the rainbow bridge surrounded by his parents, Jerome and Bonnie Lane.   Reilly will be greatly missed.