Cheyenne Mauk-Cowgill

Cheyenne Nicole was born 12/24/12 and passed away on 3/8/21. She is survived by her two daddies David Mauk and DJ Cowgill and her auntie Karen Strickler. She also leaves behind her siblings Maddie, Cocoa and Lexi.

Cheyenne had many pet names including: Anna Nicole, Puppy and Bad Puppy Bad. Any of which would always guarantee you a wag of her tail and a lick on your hands if she could reach you.

Cheyenne loved being outside no matter the temperature. She was a hunter and always watching to make sure there was no creatures in her “yard”.  She often chased the squirrels in the tree tops just waiting for one of them to miss a branch. Or tearing apart the woodpile trying to get the chipmunk that lived there. Many days I would look out and see her butt sticking out from under the shed not sure what was under there but thankful she never got it.

Cheyenne was a loyal as a dog could be. Never ran off and always listened. She often enjoyed playing with her younger sister Lexi. Who most thought they were sisters as they looked so much alike. I explained no..they are from different parents. One thing in particular she loved to do was grab anything Lexi was playing with and run off with it. She also loved to grab a toy or bone out of the toy box and run upstairs with it. I would go upstairs and the bed was covered with things. I would tell her, “Anna Nicole, I told you no toys in the bed”. She would grab a few of these toys in her mouth and stand on the edge of the bed and wag her tail as hard as she could as I would  pretend to spank her butt. I would tell her “bad puppy bad” and she would make this cute growling noise.

She loved when I would bring bags in the house from the store. As she knew after her breakfast they would all be getting a special treat at least once a week sometimes more.

She was the one in charge around here. Often barking at me because I wasn’t mixing her food fast enough. I could always expect her to bark and be all excited when I walked in the door. Her sisters would go outside but not her. She would run up the steps and wait for me on the edge of the bed for hugs. She also barked when she wanted outside. Especially if her “boyfriend” was waiting beside the fence for her. She ran the dogs on both sides of her yard. The neighbors dogs wouldn’t run until Cheyenne came out to play. Then all 4 would run the fence line.

Cheyenne, you will be missed more then you know. You took a piece of my heart and I hope one day to reunite with you to spank your butt and tell you “bad puppy bad”. This house is way to quiet with you gone. Your sisters and family miss you terribly!



Miss you beautiful baby girl. You were such a great dog. So well behaved and loving. Not a day has passed that you haven't been on my mind. Love you Cheyenne...Play with your toys in Heaven. xoxoxoxox
Awww...Cheyenne Nicole! Auntie misses you Sweet Girl. You will always be missed, especially by your Sister's. It is not the same in the house anymore...without your little wiggle butt running around! You definitely was a good girl. Always licking everyone lol. So left us the way you did. I know you Daddy is having a rough time without you in the house and waiting for him to come home...or rushing him to get your breakfast and dinner. We all love you so much! Run free Anna Nicole. Watch over your Sister's and you Daddies, and of course me! Love you forever!
Love and Miss you terribly!! I wake at night feeling the pillow you slept on hoping it all to be a awful dream. Only to realize you are gone. As Im unlocking the door to come in, I listen for your bark only to hear nothing. It will be a very long time before I can get used to you not being a part of this family. I only pray now to see you again as with the pets past and present. You were one of a kind. I will remember you always sweet girl. Memories of you will last me a lifetime