Riggo Shiley




6/7/2012 – 2/28/21






Riggo was an early Christmas/Birthday gift in 2012 from my brother, Tagg.  He was “the gift” that kept on giving!  Riggo loved to lie in the sun when my wife, Nancy, would be sunbathing.  He loved to cuddle with me on the sofa.  Chew toys were Riggo’s favorite.  He would jump up for his morning treats, but he could only get a few inches in the air.  Riggo never won any awards or medals, but he was the greatest gift of all time!

I would put Riggo in his Redskin dog jersey for the games; however, the problem was, it would take two people because he was so big!  When Riggo was younger he would catch frogs and just keep them in his mouth.  I could not let him back in the house until he released them; which would take 10 – 15 minutes at times. 

Riggo is survived by his parents, Rudy and Nancy and his older canine sister, Meisha.  He was a big ole lover boy who will be missed by all who were fortunate enough to know him.

  • Rudy Shiley