Emma Dawson

10/15/2005 – 3/24/2022

Emma was adopted as a puppy from Lost Dog and Cat Rescue.  She enjoyed eating, playing and sleeping.  Emma could speak and would say “I love you”. 

When she was young she loved the water.  We lived by a creek and Emma would zoom as fast as she could, running and then jumping into the creek.  She loved it and we would just laugh so hard.

Emma was the sweetest and friendliest dog; everyone she met, loved her instantly.  Emma was a loyal, loving friend and companion.  She followed me wherever I went.  Emma is survived by me, her mom; and Johnnie, Seth and Katie. She will be deeply missed forever but never forgotten. 

  • Janelle Dawson


I am so sorry for your loss.
I am so sorry for your loss.