Grandpa Max Maloney


Date of Birth:  14 May 2006

Date of Death:  25 March 2022

Place of Birth:  Unknown

Place of Death:  Winchester, VA

Grandpa Max joined the Maloney pack in September 2021 as a Senior Rescue, but like most rescues, he gave our pack as much as, if not more than, we gave him.  Before joining us, Grandpa Max had been in foster care with 16 other dogs.  He needed a bath and a haircut and suffered from a severe ear infection and a skin infection.  He also lived with deafness, palsy and arthritis, requiring daily medication and frequent ear cleanings.  My goal was to give him the best possible rest of his life.

From the first ride home until the day he left us, Grandpa Max was a little gentleman with a big personality.  He fit into our pack readily and rapidly, jumping into walks, play time, neighbor visits, treat time and naps with his new pack mates.  He loved giving me kisses and enjoyed getting scratched around his neck and on his underside.  He had a very gentle mouth, a fantastic smile and extra big feet.  Throughout the day, he followed me around like a little shadow, supervising my every move.  Grandpa Max also held his own, pushing between his bigger siblings for treats.  He made the funniest snuggling noises in his sleep as he nestled around in his bed, and he switched beds often to be closer to Max, Molly or Libby.  Although he was only with us for six months, Grandpa Max left a lifetime’s worth of love and memories.  He leaves behind Max, Molly, Libby and me.  He will be greatly missed.

--Lisa Maloney


So sorry for your loss.
Rest easy Grandpa Max. Your with your heavenly pack now.
Lisa, you are a hero, not only to Max, but many other forgotten dogs because of their disabilities. Our world needs more Lisa Maloney’s. God bless you. I am sorry you had to say’ “so long my Max.”
Max, Molly, Libby, Lisa - although you'll miss Grandpa's presence snuggling up next to you or clopping by you on a short case of the senior zoomies, he has left paw prints on your heart. He knew kindness, inclusion, better health, a healthy diet, many warm beds, strange bed-fellows and a whole lot of love - human and canine. I wish peace in your hearts and love to help another. Sharon